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  1. Go to Reddit and see the date of the deleted comment. Now use a calculator and a calendar to move back that many days from the current day when you are viewing the. When you have the exact date of the deleted comment, simply move to the exact date in the Wayback Machine. Now hover your mouse cursor over that date
  2. For viewing deleted comments on Reddit using Resavr, Visit their homepage and you can see all the top comments added to the system recently. You can also search for the comment using the post title by putting it in the search box given at the top right side corner
  3. The good thing about it is that it can preserve all types of comments.Unlike Ceddit that may not be able to recover some types of deleted comments. 4. Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine is a web archiving service that takes screenshots of websites and caches them to make it available for the world to see. It also takes screenshots of Reddit posts, so you can move back in time and see a comment.
  4. Ceddit is the first platform created, which allowed Reddit users to see removed reddit posts. It operates on similar lines of that of Removeddit. However, a significant difference between both is that Ceddit only lets you read deleted reddit comments. It also lets you see posts deleted by the moderators themselves
  5. Some features are also missing like comment collapsing. I just wanted to get something up and running that will do the basics. In theory it should also display more removed comments than ceddit since that site only looked at the top 500 comments for a thread. For feedback and bugs you can message me here on reddit or on email: removeddit@gmail.co
  6. Don't worry, though - here are a few tricks to pull up deleted Reddit threads and comments: Removeddit. The easiest way to access deleted posts is with Removeddit. All you need to do is.
  7. Simply append un to any reddit link, and it'll begin to recover deleted comments for you. Once you've altered the URL, you'll see an overlay stating Recovering Deleted Comments. Depending on how many comments were deleted, it can take a little longer to complete recovery

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Reasons a comment may be pre-moderated include, but are not limited to: Contains a link. Contains a media attachment, e.g., image or video. User has not verified their email. The current discussion thread is set to pre-moderation. If your comment is awaiting pre-moderation, it will appear as pending in your profile > comments feed When you remove an item from your subreddit listings page, comments page, or mod queue, the option to add a removal reason will pop up next to the post. Clicking add a removal reason will allow you to select one of your removal reasons. You also have the option to forgo including a removal reason. If you choose not to send a removal reason. The moderators section of your moderation tools is where you can add new moderators, remove existing moderators, and update the permissions of the members of your community's mod team.. As a community grows and changes, so do the tasks involved in moderating. Finding a solid team of moderators who are passionate about your community can help it thrive Just keep moving a day back and see if any other version of the comment was posted or not. Yes, it takes time but if you want to delve into a deleted post of comment this is the best way to do that. Visit Website 4. Use Resavr to Read Deleted Reddit Comments. Resavr is a great tool to find and read deleted Reddit comments. There's only one catch

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  1. s (those who overlook the site as a whole) allow communities to govern themselves in such a manner, with the condition being that neither the communities, moderators of communities, or users break any of the site rules as laid out by the content policy
  2. AutoModerator is a site-wide moderation tool that you can set up and customize in any subreddit to assist you in moderating that community. It can handle many of the sometimes repetitive tasks you do as a mod. With the right set-up, it can: send a modmail to alert you to potential issues,; reply to posts with helpful comments like pointing users to your subreddit rules or wiki
  3. d that you may not get a response right away
  4. Add moderators. If your profile posts get a lot of comments and you need some help with moderation, you can add people as moderators and manage their permissions. Manage Automod. Automoderator (or Automod for short) is a Reddit bot that you can use to help moderate your community. It's an advanced tool that can be set up to automatically.
  5. add flair to submission titles. create collections of posts. turn on contest mode for any submission. this automatically hides all replies to top-level comments, scrambles all comments, and hides the scores to all comments. sticky any user's post by making it an announcement so that it stays at the top of the subreddit when looking at the.

Up or down voting posts on Reddit is the last form of moderation, where users in the community rate a post or comment, changing what people see first on the page As much as we love our volunteer work, Reddit moderators do leave when the work becomes work, when it stops being fun. For Elliot, that time had arrived. That night, he deleted his near-dozen.

Red meant the comment had either been flagged for review by a regular Redditor (anyone can report a comment to the mods) or someone had already deleted it. A gentle yellow highlight indicated the. Subreddit Ban: Moderators can ban users from their subreddit on Reddit and the bans can last for a certain time or indefinitely. When you're banned from a subreddit, you won't be able to submit posts or add comments to a post on that particular subreddit Just keep moving a day back and see if any other version of the comment was posted or not. Yes, it takes time but if you want to delve into a deleted post of comment this is the best way to do that. Visit Website 4. Use Resavr to Read Deleted Reddit Comments. Resavr is a great tool to find and read deleted Reddit comments. There's only one catch This will take you from the Reddit website to Removeddit where you'll be able to see the deleted comment. If a comment appears in red, it means it was removed by a moderator. If it appears in. Comments that are deleted (either self-deleted, removed by a mod/admin, or deleted from account deletion) will disappear as long as no one replied to it. This behavior is the same, no matter how the comment gets deleted. If the comment has at least one reply, then the username will become [deleted] (or [removed]), but the comment/content will.

2. Subreddit AutoModerator Ban - You can also be banned from submitting posts or comments to a subreddit by the AutoModerator bot. AutoModerator is a Reddit bot that moderators use to perform tasks on their behalf. One ability that AutoModerator has is to remove any posts or comments from a specific user Moderators say that the mess is symptomatic of the larger less-than-communicative relationship between Admins and mods; the ordeal even sparked a whole new subreddit called r/KeepThemAccountable.

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  1. Toolbox is a browser extension that adds a ton of much needed features and functionality to reddit for moderators. Over the past four years of toolbox development 16,000 mods have installed it and use it in their daily modding activities. Features include (but are not limited to): - Comments Module: Highlight keywords and hide removed comments
  2. Show removed Reddit comments. Works on old and new Reddit. Not supported on non-English localization of new Reddit
  3. A Reddit moderator deemed entire threads offensive and deleted them in what was seen as an obvious attempt to remove comments that took a certain political viewpoint, especially those that.

Reddit moderators are advised to look for the following signs to know if their accounts have been compromised: • You see votes, posts, comments, or moderation actions that you don't. A Reddit moderator divulges the identity of a harassment report and then contributes a little more to the abuse. Source: /r/drama. More bullies join in the party — request that I open comments on my YouTube videos highlighting Reddit bullying so that they have more online spaces within which to harass me After the coup began, Reddit management had to step in and remove the bad actors to stabilize the situation. A letter to the moderators penned by Reddit admin sodypop and was acquired by Mashable When reached for comment, a Reddit spokesperson confirmed the message from sodypop was sent to r/wallstreetbets moderators Thursday, but decline to comment further. Reddit moderators are not paid.

General Reddit features and policies. How can I tell who's a moderator, Reddit administrator, or the original poster on a comment thread? How do I save a post and where does it get saved? What are community content tags and how do they work? How does Reddit suggest people I might like to chat with If the post consists of original content, written specifically for Reddit, you'll see a small graphic of a page next to it. This means that if you click on the content title, you'll stay on. In September, Reddit moderators removed a poll from /r/Politics that showed Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton by two per cent. The poll was removed from the subreddit for allegedly breaking a rule that claims all posts must have the exact same title as the link, however the link did not have a title Reddit Content Policy. Reddit is a vast network of communities that are created, run, and populated by you, the Reddit users. Through these communities, you can post, comment, vote, discuss, learn, debate, support, and connect with people who share your interests, and we encourage you to find—or even create—your home on Reddit The pushshift.io Reddit API was designed and created by the /r/datasets mod team to help provide enhanced functionality and search capabilities for searching Reddit comments and submissions. The project lead, /u/stuck_in_the_matrix, is the maintainer of the Reddit comment and submissions archives located at https://files.pushshift.io and lead.

A moderator of Reddit's default political discussion board, /r/Politics, has been removed as a mod after voicing his support for Donald J. Trump's presidential bid. Jeffrey Minter, known on Reddit under the username /u/Kwiztas, has previo usly been interviewed by Breitbart in relation to censorship on Reddit and has expressed his support of. Where moderators consistently are in violation of these guidelines, Reddit may step in with actions to heal the issues - sometimes pure education of the moderator will do, but these actions could potentially include dropping you down the moderator list, removing moderator status, prevention of future moderation rights, as well as account deletion

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  1. Save a cached copy of the current reddit page you're viewing to preserve comments in case they're deleted using a direct HTML cache of the page you're seeing on reddit. Simple and lightweight. This application will capture the page as you see it currently
  2. Source: pixabay.com In the first part of t h is series, we covered the problem of trolls and bots on the popular site Reddit.We described how we built a dashboard to moderate suspected trolls and bots. In this part, we'll show you how we used machine learning to detect bots and trolls in political discussions and then mark suspicious comments on our moderator dashboard
  3. RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) is a browser extension that opens up a world of possibilities that aren't native to Reddit. Among these is an option to delete all your posts, comments, and other.
  4. On a busy day, Knight said r/lgbt's moderators might have to deal with only 200 flagged items. But throughout this days-long brigade, the moderators of r/lgbt banned 473 users, and removed 1,403 posts and 11,323 comments. NowThis was unable to get the same numbers of removed posts, comments, and users from the moderators of r/nonbinary
  5. Top comments now appear next to the original post, so you can see not just the topic of the discussion but how people are discussing it. The foundation for Change a View, as with r/changemyview.

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Use the Sort By option to choose Top comments or Newest first. Click the timestamp to create a 'Highlighted Comment' link. This action will isolate your comment thread and give a shareable link in the address bar. Go to Comment History. Click or tap the video link. Next to the comment in YouTube, select More . Select Edit or Delete The company said it began to see less hate speech shortly after the updates. By the numbers: Of the content taken down, 2% was removed by Reddit staff and 4% was removed by moderators, both Reddit channel moderators and automated tools. The amount of content removed by moderators on Reddit — both human and automated — increased by 61% last. Moderators can remove posts and comments from their community if they find them objectionable or off-topic. In Reddit you can find what's user's' areas of interest are. If he/she frequently discusses Javascript then it is clear he knows / very interested in Javascript. Let's see some ways to uncover hidden talents in Reddit

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  1. Reddit 101 The basics to help you get started Reddit Features & Experiences Information to better understand Reddit Rules & Reporting Information on Reddit policies, reporting, copyright, and mor
  2. Reddit has a complicated history with moderation, thanks to its early web 2.0 dedication to user-generated anything, and a sticky reputation as a hate-speech free-for-all
  3. Luckily, Chrome's Incognito Mode is a quick and easy solution for checking your Reddit posts to see if they're being automatically deleted without you knowing. All you have to do is make a post, copy the URL, then open a new incognito tab and paste the URL to view it. If you see your post, you aren't shadowbanned from the subreddit
  4. So the moderators that pissed of Wall Street from a reddit forum suddenly got removed from that reddit forum. Yes not a coincidence at all and not related. Just go about your business nothing to see here
  5. (Bloomberg) --The volunteer moderators of Reddit Inc.'s r/blackladies community—an online message board that currently has over 40,000 members—wrote an open letter outlining their frustrations with the popular website in August 2014.They had pitched their message board, known as a subreddit, as a safe space for Black women, but were being deluged with hateful comments and links to racist.
  6. Your Reddit account has a profile page that is public. Your profile contains information about your activities on the Services, such as your username, prior posts and comments, karma, awards received, trophies, moderator status, Reddit Premium status, and how long you have been a member of the Services

Reddit algorithm and moderators take into account your profile's age and authority, aka Karma (more on this later). If you rush to post right after you registered and haven't even researched the subreddit you'd like to post on - it's a sure bet that your post will be removed In a heavily trafficked and modded thread, many comments will be deleted in-between scans and those will be lost to everyone but reddit admins. The only surefire way of seeing every censored comments is for reddit to provide the option to the users, but they are too pro-censorship and too pro-mod to allow that to happen Successfully getting Reddit to remove a top moderator can be challenging, as well as confusing. According to TrustedAdult, they had tried and failed to get Reddit to remove CedarWolf as a top.

Reddit unveiled its take on a Clubhouse-like social audio product on Monday, called Reddit Talk.The Verge reports: The company is billing Monday's announcement as a sneak preview, since the feature isn't widely available yet. Moderators that want to try the feature out in their subreddit can add themselves to a waitlist for access. Based on Reddit's description and images shared by the. Also see Reddit's Moddiquette. Subreddit settings work best in a cache-cleared desktop browser. (Limited option: mobile browser on desktop view.) If you found your answer, feel free to reply with <3 Automod or Thanks, Automod. Otherwise wait for a human helper to come along to help you. This post has NOT been removed removed on Reddit, moderators can choose to provide the submitter with an explanation for why this removal occurred. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, moderators can comment on the removed post with a message that describes the reason for removal (Figure 1). Alternatively If you want to find deleted comments on specific Reddit posts, you can copy the URL and remove the letter R from reddit.com. Just replace it with the letter c to turn it into ceddit.com. The page will load in the Ceddit interface, and you will see all of the deleted comments highlighted in red. 3. Wayback Machin

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any such guidelines [29]. To take another example, moderators on some communities provide explanations for post removals while others choose to silently remove posts. Therefore, the Reddit platform provides a rich site to study how the differences in the contexts of post submissions and subsequent moderation actions affect the attitudes of users Reddit Comment Search . Search through comments of a particular reddit user. Just enter the username and a search query, and press Search! Search query. Username. Search Options. Case sensitive. Match whole words. This is the only reliable way to see the whole chat log. If comments are removed by a moderator they won't show in search or via third-party programs. 2. Review Specific Comments Through the User Search Command. This is the best way to quickly find a comment made by a specific viewer when you may need to report them or reply to a statement On Mobile. Reddit has received some major updates over the last couple of years, which has often made it a little difficult for people to access the most important options. To unhide, first, go to your profile. Now, tap on 'History.'. Then, hit the drop-down menu, and select 'Hidden.'. When the post pops up, tap on the three-bot button. Comments (Credit: Reddit) eight or nine months ago have since been removed. (An archive of the moderator list from Jan to restore the banned moderators to the original forum. Reddit didn.

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See Live Updates of Reddit Comment Threads If there is a really popular comment thread going on, you may want to see new comments as they come in, just like a chat room. If so, you're in luck When a moderator of the popular UK politics community on Reddit shared that article, mentioning Challenor by name, the post was removed and the moderator banned

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The removal of the article was carried out by r/news moderators, volunteer gatekeepers of subreddits who have the power to ban users and content that either break Reddit's official rules or. Shortly after, the content of Misty Silver's post was removed, but the comment string on the post is still there (and it's hilarious). We reached out to the moderators and asked why it was taken down The social news site Reddit has occasionally been the topic of controversy due to the presence of communities on the site (known as subreddits) devoted to explicit or controversial material. In 2012, Yishan Wong, the site's then-CEO, stated, We stand for free speech.This means we are not going to ban distasteful subreddits. We will not ban legal content even if we find it odious or if we. To remove or add widgets, click the pencil in the bottom left-hand corner and select Add/Remove Widgets. Click the x on any panel in the central grid or left-side dock to remove it from Mod View. When in Add/Remove Widgets mode, the panel on the right-hand side will store any unused widgets. Click and drag them back into the central grid or the.

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This moderator posted on Tumblr that they had actively worked with DE to get the homophobic term Nezha is a trap banned by the auto moderator (Nezha is one of the game's pilotable Warframes) Reddit first launched as an online discussion site in June 2005. Now, 15 years later, it has finally taken action to officially ban hate speech and groups that promote it.From a report: A revised Reddit content policy, announced Monday, explicitly states that groups or users that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability are prohibited A set of tools to be used by moderators on reddit in order to make their jobs easier. Moderator toolbox for reddit see the publisher's privacy but they censor it on their subreddit. People that ask for them to not do it any more have their comments removed and their accounts banned! Criticism is supposed to help devs make a better. It causes their submitted content and user profile page to be visible only to themselves while logged in. Moderators can see their comments within their subreddit (since they can see 'removed.

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In a joint investigation, Engadget and Point spoke to 10 Reddit moderators, and all of them complained that Reddit is systematically failing to tackle the abuse they suffer.Keeping the front page of the internet clean has become a thankless and abusive task, and yet Reddit's administration has repeatedly neglected to respond to moderators who report offenses Reddit owes its moderators more than an updated hate speech policy we take a zero tolerance approach and remove them. we need to see that the U.S. outlook as a whole is stable before we. Don't abuse moderators or admins; How to Tell if You're Shadowbanned on Reddit. To find out if you're shadowbanned on Reddit, make a post in the r/ShadowBan subreddit. A bot will respond to you, letting you know if you're shadowbanned. Even if you're not, the bot will tell you which posts of yours have been removed recently (if any)


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To monitor the comments and karma of your posts, you can use Reddit Insight. It will enable you to see the status of your post in real-time. You can also schedule your posts for a specific. Unlike many online forums elsewhere on the internet, though, r/piracy is a moderated community (Reddit moderators are unpaid volunteers from the community) and the discourse is largely civil and. When I used it the first few times, it made my comments invisible to other users. I had my bf check it from his end. I was still able to see my comments on my end, though. I liked that a lot. With this update, I can't see my past comments anymore. I don't like that at all A representative from Reddit responded to our request to comment and said that there was no effort by the company to have the links removed, rather that dedicated moderators are trusted to create. Reddit removed all pornographic subreddits from /r/all. If you go to /r/all now, all porn subreddits are gone. You can still see the very rare NSFW post from a non-NSFW community, but for all intents and purposes all pornography has been removed from all public channels. So much for reddits dedication to the male gaze

New research on one particular corner of Reddit see a so-called comment graveyard — a vast thread filled with hundreds or thousands of comments that the moderators have deleted for. Any moderators you have will be displayed here. If you ever want to remove their moderation abilities, click the X next to their name. #2: Edit Moderation Settings. Whether you use a comment moderator or handle comments yourself, taking time to customize your moderation settings and automated filters can make everyone's job a little easier

Open YouTube Studio. From the left, click Settings Community. From the Automated Filters tab, click in the Moderators box. Type the name of the user you want to make a moderator. Click Save. From your live chat feed. Select menu next to the username in chat and select Add moderator Comments Moderation. A part of the comments plugin is a powerful moderation tool. This tool makes it easy and fast for your community management team to moderate multiple comments at once. Setup. To use the comments moderation tool, you need to complete the moderation setup instructions. Moderation Setup Instruction

Comments with blocked words can be reviewed and approved on your Comments page, under the Held for review tab. To add to your blocked words lists: Open YouTube Studio. From the left, click Settings Community. Under the Automated Filters tab, scroll to Blocked words. Add words and phrases separated by commas Unless the post is removed by the volunteer moderators, the fake headline will remain. Very few Reddit users actually click-through to read the article and even fewer read the comments section. r/The_Donald was a subreddit where participants created discussions and memes in support of former U.S. president Donald Trump. Initially created in June 2015 following the announcement of Trump's presidential campaign, the community grew to over 790,000 subscribers who described themselves as Patriots. The community was banned in June 2020 for violating Reddit rules on harassment and targeting Note that this is case sensitive, so make sure it's the same as what's in the configuration file (see Configuration file). Only moderator reports and comments made by/mails sent by the subreddit's moderators are checked. PS. Reddit silently ignores reports on removed posts, so Taskerbot won't see those. Setup Dependencies. Taskerbot requires.

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In this beginner's guide on how to post on Reddit, we'll look into 4 simple steps of making a successful submission along with a few extra tips for marketers.. Step 1: Create an account. Before posting on Reddit you need to have an account. Creating one is easy and it takes less than a minute, also no email confirmation is required When one moderator reported the relationship to reddit employees, the others removed the moderator for a time, until they themselves were banned by reddit for accepting a bribe. A reddit representative explained that the gaming company should have used alternative channels to address illegally shared material ( Khan, 2015 ) Using warm water, wash it off and then repeat the process every day for a month to see results. Pure apricot oil has skin rejuvenating properties and therefore helps in reducing stretch marks. Massage onto the skin with some lemon juice for effective results. Apricots have great exfoliating tendencies. 6 Despite being a fun place to be, the things Reddit has been known for (for people who don't use it) some of the worse parts like /r/Jailbait and the 'search' for the Boston Bombers, one anonymous moderator said. Such comments are anecdotal and by no means indicative of any kind of consensus, and yet it's difficult to see how Reddit's.

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