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Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. Check Out Outside House For Cat On eBay. Find It On eBay Large Cat Trees. Large Scratching Posts. Small Cat Trees. Largest Cat Trees. Grey Cat T. . Buy Cat Houses - We carry all Price, Type and Colour options One way is to buy or build a queening box (also called a kittening box), which is a place for your pregnant cat to deliver and care for her kittens. Cats are known to nest in the most inconvenient areas if there is no box or the situation is not ideal, so it is important that the box location feel comfortable and safe to her Simple Cat House from Pallet This simple cat house was made of an old wooden pallet. The pallet was divided into two, with hay layer on the bottom and small mattress on top. A metal sheet was fitted on top to create a roof

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There is no need to buy anything expensive, as a large cardboard box is suitable as a birthing box. A good size is 15 inches by 24 inches, bigger if you have a large-breed cat. Cut a piece out of the middle of one side that is large enough for the cat to get through -- about 5 inches wide If your pregnant cat is expecting a litter, make sure you feel prepared and able to support her in a stress-free birth with our simple guide. With a litter of kittens on the way, it's important you feel prepared and confident for when the day arrives. If you choose to have a home birth, then there are a number of simple but essential things you. Add a couple of rooms to your cat's home with the additional boxes. To make a second story, cut a 6 (15 cm) hole in the ceiling and tape another box upside-down over it. There should be enough of a floor left for the cat to walk on. Use packing tape, duct tape, or another sturdy tape

Veterinary Care for Pregnant Cats . If your cat is showing signs of pregnancy or you suspect your cat may have mated while she was in heat, the first step is to take her to see the veterinarian.Sometimes, it is early enough that you can still spay your cat. It is difficult to confirm a pregnancy on a cat until they are about three to four weeks into their pregnancy If your cat stays outside or you want to create feral cat shelters to keep them warm and dry in winter, try your hands on these 12 DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas. 1. Warm Cat House. Give your cat a warm and cozy place to rest during the winters with this eight-step DIY on Instructables. Mount rope lights on the inside of the lid to create a source. Plastic boxes are the best for this, because sometimes giving birth can be messy, and cardboard beds may leak. Make sure the cat has room to lay on her side, and is able to stretch out. Put towels in the box, so that it's cozy, but also very sanitary. Finally, if you would like to, put warm blankets on top of the towels

We recommend talking to your vet before your cat breeds, to make sure that your cat is fit to breed and properly vaccinated. If your cat is already pregnant, ask your vet for advice on caring for your cat, including feeding, worming and flea treatments. You must use treatments that are safe to use during pregnancy The average cat pregnancy lasts 65 to 69 days. This may not seem very long, until you take into account the human-to-cat aging ratio. If a cat's yearly age is determined by multiplying seven (a rough estimate, to be sure), then a cat pregnancy is really 14 months long. If, on the other hand, a pregnant one-year-old cat is considered to be 15. Signs a cat is pregnant includes loss of appetite, weight gain, and possibly little lumps you can feel which are the kittens developing in her stomach. In the 3rd stage of pregnancy, the kittens begin growing quickly and your cat will continue to gain weight and develop a belly. The 4th stage is where your cat begins labor, roughly about a week. Depending on the individual queen, kittens are usually born every 30-60 minutes, with the entire litter being delivered in less than six hours. Pregnant cats can have four to six kittens in a litter. You can use a timer to keep track of the time between kittens to make sure there isn't a problem Before you start caring for a pregnant cat, you'll want to make sure the cat is pregnant. While people can take simple urine or blood tests at home to confirm pregnancy, this option doesn't exist for cats. However, physical signs do emerge in the earliest stages of pregnancy that can clue you in that your cat may be carrying kittens

Make this warm cat house using a 100qt or larger igloo cooler. Just add a cushion inside or a piece of rug along with a cat bowls, and that's it. Finish the lid with rope lights. instructables. 2. Outdoor Heated Igloo Cat House. Get here a full free DIY outdoor cat house plan to build a heated cat house, the igloo cat castle. Build it using a. Taking care of your cat during her pregnancy is an exciting time. Make sure you're fully prepared for the new arrivals with my checklist of essentials: 1. Feed your mother-to-be kitten food As soon as you find out your cat is pregnant, start feeding her a good quality kitten food and continue until the kittens are weaned. This will give her the increased energy and nutrients she needs for. You need to create a queening box, where your cat will make her nest and give birth. Find a warm place with a lot of privacy to put the queening box. You can use a cardboard box, laundry basket..

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A female cat can get pregnant when they are as young as 4 months old, unless they have been spayed to prevent that. Queens can keep going into heat every 2 to 3 weeks from the spring through the early fall, making them ready to reproduce more often than not. A cat's pregnancy lasts about 63-65 days With just one cardboard box and a few stationery materials, you can do a very simple house for your cats. They will love it. Take a look.VERY IMPORTANT: Make..

Think about the best room (or area) in your home that can work for a safe room. You want it to be closed off from the rest of the house and also as cat-proofed as possible. For example, if the perfect room has long blinds, you may want to remove them or tie them up while the room is being used by the new kitten Have a Dedicated Cat Room When you bring your new cat home, have a safe room ready with all of your new cat's amenities ready and waiting for her. It should have scratching posts, a few toys, food, water, and a litter box (ensure the food and litter are on opposite sides of the room)

The most common symptom of a pregnant cat is her behavior. For example, she may become more loving and affectionate, or to the contrary - more aggressive. In addition, she will begin to show signs of sudden excitement. This behavior is known as quickening, and it is a critical stage of a cat's pregnancy in which the fetus begins to move Once your baby's been born, it's important to make your house safe and comfortable for your baby and your cat. Here are some things you should do in the first few weeks and months after. Adjust her diet in the third trimester. When a pregnant cat reaches her third trimester (approximately 42 days into the pregnancy or when her belly is visibly swollen), she will have different nutritional needs, so be sure to make sure she's getting the proper amount of food and nutrients. Keep her on her usual diet for the first two thirds of the pregnancy

Trap-Neuter-Return is the tried and true method for humanely managing cat populations. Care about kittens? Me too! TNR is one of the best ways to prevent kit.. Learn how to tell if your cat is pregnant, even when it's not so obvious as with this cat. Photo: jsome1 Part 3: Pregnant Cat Care: What to Expect. When the mating is planned, you have the luxury of getting your girl in good shape. Before your cat becomes pregnant, make sure she is up to date with: Deworming; Parasite control; Vaccinatio

Cat litter and pregnancy. When you're pregnant, you'll need to take extra with cat litter due to the risk of toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. Cats who eat infected small animals or raw meat pick up the parasite and then excrete it in their feces All cats can be weary of people so take some time and observe their behaviour before you approach them. Time of Day. If you see a cat late at night when the outdoor cats should go home, or you see fresh paw prints from in the snow or ground in the early morning, that is most likely a stray cat. Feral cats tend to keep their distances from view. Get a multi-story cat tree and put it near an open floor space where your cat can run, then jump onto it. Get your cat a piñata. Cats love to bat things that hang overhead. Food inside will offer even more motivation. To make a piñata, use a plastic container, like an old yogurt or sour cream cup with a lid. Cut a small hole in the bottom of it Attach a piece of 3/4″ plywood to the floor frame. Align the edges flush, drill pilot holes through the floor and insert 1 5/8″ screws into the joists. Building-the-back-wall-frame. Assemble the back wall for the cat house from 2×2 lumber. Drill pilot holes through the plates and insert 2 1/2″ screws into the studs Make a bunch of them to house the feral cats that stop by looking for a warm corner in freezing weather. Here's the DIY. Also Read: DIY Cat Enclosure Ideas. 3. Styrofoam Insulated Cat House. This DIY cat house may look like an igloo from outside but has a warm, cozy feel to it, thanks to the weatherproof styrofoam covering inside

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  1. An important part of pregnant cat behavior is her disinterest in male cats and other cats in general, as she wants privacy during gestation period. So, it would help if the other cats in the house are kept away from the pregnant queen. The cat will shower more affection on her human companions and she will also seek more attention from her owner
  2. Learn how to stay healthy and safe during pregnancy. Make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and checked for infections. Family members or partners can help with pet care during your pregnancy to keep you safe from infections that can harm your health. Remove reptiles and exotic pets from the house during pregnancy
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  4. When your cat goes into heat, you can keep it quarantined. This is especially beneficial if you have an unfixed male and cat in the same house. A female cat doesn't bleed while in heat unless penetration occurs. While you do not have that mess to deal with, she may mark areas around the room, especially if there are other cats in the house
  5. Cat pregnancy normally lasts between 63 to 67 days, but it can be tough to know exactly how long a cat is pregnant for. The cat gestation period can vary from as short as 61 days to as long as 72 days. Your cat (queen) often won't show any physical symptoms of pregnancy until she is a few weeks into her term
  6. A pregnant cat will gain a total of two to four pounds overall depending on the number of kittens. 4. Nesting. With around two weeks to go in her pregnancy, a pregnant cat will often start nesting. She may choose a quiet place and start arranging blankets for a birthing area, says Dr. Barrack. Your cat may also start acting more.
  7. 5 Disgusting Ways Your Cat's Litter Box Could Make You Sick—or Worse came in contact with the parasite just before or during their pregnancy, Flinn says. around your house in clean.

A fake pregnancy belly makes a costume sure to impress and might garner you those coveted oohs and aahs. You could buy an expensive silicone belly suit online, or try this fun and creative way to make a baby bump with simple materials lying around the house After the female cat becomes pregnant, her body slowly changes over the next 63 days as the fetuses grow. However, there's very little outward change in the first weeks of the pregnancy, and the first sign owners may see is a 'pinking' (becoming pinker in colour) of the nipples, which also become more visible

Once you find the ideal place for the litter box in your small house or tiny apartment, pay attention to your cat's behavior. Make sure your cat can get in and out of the litter box easily and that access isn't accidentally interrupted by laundry, shoes, grocery bags, or guests unknowingly closing doors. If the location is working out, great The Second Stage Of Cat Labor. Second stage of labor signs are: Forceful Straining, the contractions have gotten very strong and she is using her abdominal muscles to push. Fluid At Her Genitals, this does not appear for all cats. Crying Out, Vocalization. She will probably lay down during the birth, either on her side or on her chest For the former indoor/outdoor cat, a two-box system filled with fine-grain, clumping litter works best. Place one where you want the litter box to permanently reside, and put the transitional box at the door the cat once used to exit the house. When she finds that she can't get outside to the topsoil, she will use the box by the door A young female cat needs around 12 hours of daylight in order to trigger her reproductive cycle. In the wild, this means cats don't become pregnant in the winter. However, house cats live in artificial lighting and this effect is lost, so they can get pregnant at any time during the year

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Feline Pregnancy and Nipple Size: Yes! Your cat will have enlarged nipples during their pregnancy. At around day 35 of pregnancy, the pregnant cat's nipples will start to become larger and pinker. It will be MUCH easier to locate your female cat's nipples during this period in her life The new cat should be kept in the cage somewhere in the house where the resident cat can come up and sniff it through the bars. This is a far gentler, less territorially threatening introduction. Depending on how they respond to each other, you can move forward and let the new cat have play time outside of the cage one room at a time, slowly. During the final week of the pregnancy, your cat might become reclusive (hiding out as much as possible in a secluded place in the house) or she might become extremely affectionate, which happens most if she has a close relationship with one particular caregiver - Cats that become more affectionate will want the caregiver to be right at hand

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  1. The simple answer toHow long are cats pregnant for is two months, or nine weeks. But that's just an estimate. Depending on what source you consult, cat pregnancy ranges from 58 to 72 days.
  2. Join Emma the cat in this exciting virtual pet game to help them go through her pregnancy and bring the talking kitties to the world. Virtual pregnant cat Emma is not a regular talking cat, this time she needs special care and attention from you. Progress through the levels by making sure your talking cat virtual pet has whatever she needs
  3. Older cats especially aren't keen on having new kittens in their household, and this can result in a number of behavioural issues - from toileting in the house to hiding more. Before you introduce your cats to each other, make sure that your kitten has their own bedding, food bowl and toys
  4. Cats prefer to 'graze' or eat small meals throughout the day so having food available all day long can make all the difference. Be sure to check with your vet to see if this would be a good option for your cat. If you have more than one cat, one might be guarding the food, preventing another from eating their fill
  5. We need short-term foster homes (typically 4-6 weeks) to provide a healthy, germ-free environment and lots of tender, loving care to kittens and puppies or pregnant dogs or cats. Animal House Shelter provides you with a playpen or kennel, food, bowls, newspaper, ect- anything you need
  6. A house provides shelter, but a home is where you weather all of life's little storms — and revel in the sunshine. Here are a few of our favorite things that transform a mere shelter into a safe.
  7. While feral cats will not make good house pets, they can be used as mousers in a barn-home-type arrangement. Clues that you're dealing with a feral cat include: The cat runs when approached. The cat will not meow or purr. You may see the cat in the same place at the same time each day. Lost Pe
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Fun DIY projects that will help keep you and your cat entertained and busy. Read more. General Cat Care. Are you a new cat parent, or looking to brush up on your pet care skills? Here are our tips for keeping your cat happy and healthy. Read more. Cat Grooming Tips A house rabbit can be a fun addition to the family. However, these animals will need to have as much care as a dog or a cat. Rabbits typically live 8 to 12 years, so they require a long-term commitment from their owners. There are certain rules you need to follow and preparations you need to make before you decide to get a rabbit If you have a female cat who isn't spayed and is allowed near male cats, then chances are good that she's going to get pregnant at some point. Cats get pregnant very easily, so if you don't want. First, you can wait until your cat is showing.. At 3 or 4 weeks of gestation, your cat's belly will be swollen enough to make a diagnosis of pregnancy pretty easily. Also, just prior to this period, her nipples will swell and turn pink—an unmistakable sign. Remember, vet visits are recommended at the beginning of the pregnancy The cat hiding behavior is common in felines and may be a signal from your pet. This might be a sign of illness or cat fear and anxiety. Pregnancy Signs. If your cat seeks privacy, she might be in the last stage of pregnancy. This is when she is getting ready to give birth to kittens and she is looking for a quiet place in the house

Cats Behavior Breeds Names Adoption Training Tell Me Mew Health Adorable All Cats Easy Enrichment: Make a DIY Frozen Treasure Game For Your Dog Sassafras Lowrey In-Fur-Mation Read. Dogs and Tick Safety: Tips for Avoiding Ticks and How to Remove Them. The Sims 4 pregnancy and having babies explained: How to have twins, triplets, a baby boy or girl and adoption explained Everything you need to know about having children

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Signs that a cat is in labor. The average gestation period of a pregnant cat is between 62 and 65 days. They breed an average of four kittens. They can give birth several times a year, but are usually more fertile during the brighter months. During their pregnancy it is recommended that the cat is taken to a veterinarian for various reasons Symptoms of bartonellosis infection in cats include a high fever, conjunctivitis, pneumonia, swollen lymph nodes and bronchitis. Symptoms of the disease in humans include fatigue and fever, similar to having a cold or mild case of the flu, headache, swollen lymph nodes and the development of pimple-like bumps on the scratch site Weirdly enough, cat poop poses a high risk to pregnant women more than most other people. Why? According to CNN, that same parasite, T. gondii, can seriously affect the fetus if a woman is. Cats depend on humans for care, and even stray cats need food, water, and shelter. Here's how you should feed a stray cat: Start with a bowl of dry food. Leave it out and step far away. Wait quietly. If the cat is hungry, he or she will tentatively come forward and eat. When you are feeding the cat for the first time, don't try to move in closer Another situation is performing a spay on a pregnant cat. Cats can be spayed at most points during the pregnancy, but how far along they are will impact the cost. On average, one would expect to pay at least $50 and $100 additionally for a spay surgery on a pregnant cat. With this in mind, there are also low-cost spay and neuter services

Insulating materials inside the shelter will increase the comfort and warmth of the cats. Only insulating materials which the cats can burrow into should be used. Blankets, towels, flat newspapers, etc., retain wetness and should not be used. They absorb body heat and will actually make the cat colder. Straw is a good insulating material to use 5. SUPER-COZY, SUPER-EASY Do It Yourself CAT SHELTER. A jumbo-sized clear plastic bin is the structure for this wintertime pet cat shelter. Filled up with straw for insulation, this shelter will certainly make certain comfy days and nights for your area feral cats. See just how it's done interested in getting the cats sterilized can't find veterinarians to work with feral cat s or low-cost spay/neuter options. Un-spayed community cats can become pregnant as early as 5 months of age and typically only have one live litter per year, with an average litter size of three to four kittens. Up to 75% of th The cat's breasts swell and produce milk, her abdomen is distended, she gains. weight, eats more and continually. works at preparing a nest for the. kittens she expects, but is not to have. The cat. need not have been mated to have a false. pregnancy

Cats often do not drink enough water. Feeding the canned cat food in addition to the dry increases their water intake. In the winter, when bringing warm water to your backyard chickens and dairy goats, make sure you save some for the cats, too. I know my barn cats enjoy a warm drink of water on a freezing cold morning They will also have diarrhoea. No cat will voluntarily eat the diet described unless the owner forces it to. One breeder came up with a plausible explanation for the events witnessed by the writer. A family member may accidentally have let the cat out and she got pregnant. The resulting kitten was deformed

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  1. ate potential dangers for him. Close all windows and doors securely so your feline can't slip out while you're gone
  2. The good news is pet pregnancies are much shorter than Sim pregnancies. Only one day after getting pregnant, Libby and Domo went into labour. The labour notification for cats and dogs is the same one that pregnant Sims get. Birth. After receiving the Gone Into Labour! notification for your cat or dog, keep an eye on her for a time
  3. g. It is best to watch your cat from a distance, taking care not to disturb her or make her anxious
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  1. Love's cabin Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof for Winter, Collapsible Warm Cat Houses for Outdoor/Indoor Cats, Feral Cat Shelter with Removable Soft Mat, Easy to Assemble Igloo Dog House for Small Dogs. 4.6 out of 5 stars 210. $33.67 $ 33. 67 ($33.67/Count) Join Prime to save $5.05 on this item
  2. g at times. Here are some guidelines to consider
  3. #4 - Make windows fun For a cat, one of the best parts about living outdoors is the constant stimulation from all of the sounds, smells, and movements. She doesn't have to give all of that up once she becomes an indoor cat. Place a cat tree or perch near a window so she has a good view, then place a bird feeder outside so she has some up.

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Don't be, because many expectant parents panic about having a litter box in the house during pregnancy after being told by their doctors that if a pregnant woman touches cat feces it will harm the fetus. Sadly, parents are given inaccurate information and they end up getting rid of the cat in a total panic Dr. Yin suggests that pet parents make it easy for your kitty to go through the cat door, and make the trip worthwhile. To get your kitty to go through the pet door, Dr. Yin suggests starting with a hungry cat, tasty cat treats and a fully open kitty door. When you're ready to begin, Toss some treats through the door so the.

Provide each cat with food, water, a litter box, a comfortable place to sleep, and regular interaction with you (playing and/or petting). It is very important to make certain that you are providing each cat with enough exercise and playful interaction. Oftentimes, fights occur when one cat wants to play and the other cat doesn't Make a Backup Save Game Before Doing These Things. Once the baby is born and confirmed not buggy you're in the clear (for the most part). Video Instructions Pregnancy Cheats in Sims 4. Use this video to help you follow the below instructions! Getting Pregnant via Cheats Confirm Your Sim is Pregnant Before Attempting Twins/Triplets or In Labor.

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Pregnant cats: Feed the suggested amount on the packaging. Continue to feed a kitten food to the mother until her kittens are weaned. Nursing cats: Leave food available for the mother at all times after the kittens are born. This will ultimately help to wean the kittens to a regular food and provide the mother with high-energy food she will. Cats need to behave like cats for emotional and physical health, so providing your cat with a setting that simulates a natural habitat, with objects to climb, for example, will be essential. See our information on making your home cat friendly Seek lower levels of the house like basements and cellars which are naturally cooler. 5. Air Conditioning. Make sure that your dog is in a room with access to air conditioning but try not to let.

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Avocado Costume. To craft an avocado where your belly is the pit, simply trace the shape on a large piece of presentation board and then cut out a hole for the pit. Then, paint it with different. Cat Life Cats have three ages: kitten, adult, and elder. The ages of these life spans can be customized through the interface. Elder males can breed, but only adult females can become pregnant. A cat will die some time after it's maxed its elder bar, just like a Sim. Cats shouldn't be dying of anything other than old age

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Cat allergy is often caused due to proteins present in cat's saliva, urine, dander and dry skin flakes found in fur. Some people have intolerance to cats, and develop itchy nose, itchy eyes and excessive sneezing whenever around a cat. If you are also allergic to cats, that doesn't mean that you should always.. Although house cats may be less exposed to disease, many of the diseases we can vaccinate against are hardy, and can survive outside of a cat for some time. This means they can be transmitted inside the house, on people or objects, and are still a risk to cats via indirect exposure

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When a cat is ready to have her kittens, she usually licks her vagina and abdomen incessantly, as explained by veterinarian Dr. Ron Hines. She also loses her appetite, grows restless, becomes anxious and wanders around the house looking for a comfortable place in which to give birth to her kittens and take care of her litter Make sure your pet gets an annual veterinary physical; If your pet develops diarrhea, treat it promptly. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning up dog or cat feces and after gardening or exposure to soil that may harbor canine or feline fecal matter. If you're pregnant, have someone else clean out Felix's litter box. Freeloading fleas. Grooming & General Cat Care. Discuss general care issues. Traveling with cats, moving home, collars and leads, carriers and beds and of course any grooming issue - all belong here. Threads. 13.3K Pregnancy is a game mechanic and multiple-day event that begins after a successful Try for Baby interaction between two Sims of the opposite sex, and ends with the pregnant female Sim giving birth to one or more newborn babies.[1] Pregnancy primarily affects adult and young adult female Sims. Pregnancy brings many physical and lifestyle changes to the pregnant Sim, including increasing body.

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Non-spayed female cats can start going into heat, or estrus, as early as four months of age. A cat's first heat usually occurs during puberty, which is between six and ten months for a kitten.. While a cat in heat technically means that the cat is ready for mating, it's not advised to breed a kitten or allow her to get pregnant during her first heat Best Home & Family Products and Services Would you like to submit an article in the Home & Family category or any of the sub-category below? Click here to submit your article. Would you like to have your product or service listed on this page? Contact us. Accessories Babies Elderly.. Cats, also called domestic cats (Felis catus), are small, carnivorous mammals, of the family Felidae.. Domestic cats are often called 'house cats' when kept as indoor pets. Cats have been domesticated (tamed) for nearly 10,000 years.. They are one of the most popular pets in the world. They are kept by humans for hunting rodents and as companions.. There are also farm cats, which are kept on. Ellen cat-sits for a friend, forcing her, Bennett, and Avery to try to keep Stan from finding out that there is a cat in the house. Once he does, he is shocked to find that he might actually like the cat, but at the end of the episode, he goes back to disliking cats. Guest stars: Denyse Tontz as Nikki Ortiz, Kathryn Newton as Emily: 33: 1 Carly and Sam try to patch the problem, but Fleck and Dave both make Sam and Carly think about how the two treat one another. This results in the separation of Carly and Sam. When Spencer helps Sam save Carly's life, they all become friends again. In the end, the webshow hosts, along with Freddie, make a trailer for a fake movie called The.