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Book Unique Holiday Homes in St. Augustine. We Find the Best Price Available, to Save You Both Time and Mone Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. Check Out St Augustine On eBay. Find It On eBay St Augustine CitraBlue Grass Sod Plugs Natural, Affordable Lawn Improvement (64-Count Trays) Model# T64CITRABLUE. St Augustine Palmetto Grass Plugs (16-Count) Natural, Affordable Lawn Improvement Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed. For screen reader problems with this website, please. UPDATE: St Augustine is available for pick-up AND delivery beginning April 19, 2021! However, St Augustine is not available online. Please call our office at 855-538-5563 to pre-order or pre-pay for pick-up ($1.20 / sq ft) or delivery ($1.30 / sq ft). A durable and low-maintenance sod-type with broad thick blades

46. Harmony Outdoor Brands. 500-sq ft St. Augustine Sod Pallet. Model #AUGU500DCOM. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 4. Bethel Farms. St. Augustine Sod Plug St. Augustine grass grows best in the warmth of spring and summer, when high temperatures are normally 80-100 °F. Plant St. Augustine grass plugs or sod in full sun, at least 90 days before your region's first estimated fall frost, to give the grass plenty of time to establish. How to Plant St. Augustine Gras St. Augustinegrass has been vegetatively propagated for 200 years, meaning it is produced via stolons, plugs, sod pods or sod. Although there are few dwarf and variegated types of St. Augustinegrass seed, these strains are more for ornamental and novelty use instead of turfgrass used for lawns—there is no such thing as St. Augustine seed for lawns St Augustine Evergreen is available for pickup at the stores listed below. Largo Orlando St Cloud. Previous Next. What you need to know about Evergreen St. Augustine sod . Evergreen is soft and blue-green grass that has a luxurious appeal with its narrow blades and carpet like appearance. Evergreen is grown locally in Florida and can adapt to a. St. Augustine can be planted easily in the summer, however, during the establishment of a St. Augustine lawn in the summer, it is vital that the grass is kept moist. If the new St. Augustine grass dries out during establishment, the turf can easily and very quickly die since it has no root system to support the sod growing

We are the premiere sod grass company in New Braunfels and San Antonio. Our independent grass farms run year round, offering you the highest quality in sod grass. We offer: Pallets - bermuda, st. augustine, zoysia grass. Whole sale and delivery options available. Same day service and install plus pick up. Guaranteed low prices and friendly. Augustine grass is a warm-weather plant, so it is sold in spring and summer. Either season works well, but avoid waiting until the last days of summer. Plan on preparing your lawn and laying sod at least 90 days before you expect the first bout of frost in your area.

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Harmony Outdoor Brands 500-sq ft St. Augustine Sod Pallet. Upon completing your order, Harmony's direct delivery staff will reach out to schedule your delivery. Orders are fresh curbside delivery, from the farm direct to your home or jobsite As sod growers in Georgia who have several different varieties of sod available, we can provide quality sod that will work well in a range of environments. From shady locations through to areas that experience heavy traffic (eg. grass pitches) or areas where acid soil is a problem, we can offer sods containing a suitable type of grass At The Sod Lot, our mission is to bring Northeast Florida quality and service by providing fresh, weed-free sod, grown in the same soil type that it will be installed in, and harvested fresh daily.St Augustine grass is the most popular choice for lawns in the southern United States. Call or visit The Sod Lot today at one of our 5 locations in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Holly Hill. St. Augustine grass is one of the most popular types of warm season turfgrasses in the United States, so homeowners are often excited to hear about the different types of St. Augustine grass options available. In fact, a lot of homeowners are actually surprised to hear that different types of St. Augustine grass exist

St. Augustine, being not very winter hardy, was particularly hard-hit. This St. Augustine lawn failed to green up after suffering from Winter Kill in 2014. St. Augustine grass Decline (SAD) SAD is a virus that affects St. Augustine grass. The early symptoms are mottling of the grass blades and that is followed by a general yellowing of the lawn Augustine grass provides a lush green lawn, until frost and is recommended for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. These are the Primary Types of St. Augustine Sod for Sale we offer. + Classic St. Augustine Gras Classic St. Augustine - Expert Online Sod Ordering is now available to Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, & West Palm Beach. We are the premier sod supply and sod installation company serving Miami and the surrounding areas

St. Augustine Grass in California. A robust, fast-growing, warm season grass. A warm season grass which offers a medium green color with a coarse, thickstemmed leaf and texture and a creeping growth habit via stolons. Robust, fast-growing, establishes rapidly. Very shade tolerant and may go dormant in the winter Palmetto St. Augustine requires 3-4 hours of direct sunlight per day. It is cold hardy to near 0° F, classifying it as one of the most cold hardy St. Augustine varieties available. It is also frost tolerant and holds fall and winter color longer than Bermuda, Centipede, or other St. Augustine cultivars St. Augustine: $167 commercial - $195 residential Zoysia: $235 commercial, $275 residential Delivery: $75-$100 GRASS PICKUP IS AVAILABLE | Dallas: (214) 796-7587 | Secondary Line: (214) 796-6955 Remember, there is: NO WARRANTY ON SOD, NO GUARANTEES, NO RETURN, NO REFUNDS, ALL SALES ARE FINA St. Augustine Varieties. with our family-grown sod. At The Grass Outlet we have several varieties of grass, so that we can best meet your goals for your lawn's appearance and behavior. Order in advance, and have your grass available for pick up at our partner location with The Grass Outlet at 10624 Fm 620,.

For a beautiful, tidy-looking lawn, consider St. Augustine grass varieties that thrive in your area! Premier Nursery carries a prime selection of sod for your yard's needs. Visit one of our Fort Worth area locations, or call us to get more information. 1501 AIRPORT FWY. Euless, TX. 817.685.0932 Tel: (386) 424-9088. Locally owned and operated providing quality sod to homes and businesses. Read more.. We specialize in these sod varieties because they are the best and most suited for Florida lawns and landscaped areas, however we can get any type of sod to suit your specific application. St. Augustine Floratam Sod Grass. Grass Available at only J & J Nursery During the Summer! J & J Nursery Phone 281-355-6884. Call or text for availability. St. Augustine Grass. We try to stay stocked every day with St. Augustine grass. Call for availability We are now offering sod installation service. Our team at The Sod Lot looks forward to working with you for all your sod needs. Call us today for more information at one of our five locations in Jacksonville, Gainesville, St. Augustine, Holly Hill, or Yulee, FL. Or come and visit us to see which sod is right for you Specifications. Availability: Loads of sod are brought in daily to ensure freshness. If needed same day, please call for availability. (407) 875-1900 or (407) 875-5755; Delivery or In-store Pickup: Delivery and in-store pickup orders will be available next day. Orders with four pallets of sod or more need to be submitted by noon for next day delivery

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How much sod do you need for your project. St. Augustine Varieties. Order in advance, and have your grass available for pick up at our partner location with The Grass Outlet at 10624 Fm 620, Austin TX 78726. During season, TWS also offers grass by the piece in some varieties, topsoil, compost, mulch, stone products and other landscape. St. Augustine has long been the standard grass in Texas and is often referred to as carpet grass. Texas and looking for a grass provider that can provide more than just sod, then The Grass Outlet has got you covered. and have your grass available for pick up at our partner location with The Grass Outlet at 10624 Fm 620,. St. Augustine grass offers excellent drought tolerance. Available May through October. St. Augustine grass has a coarse blade. It is aggressive, low growing and the most shade tolerant grass. Mow to 3⁄4 inch. This variety also adapts well to salty soils. As expected with sport turf varieties, St. Augustine grass offers excellent drought. Tifway 419 Bermuda, Palmetto St. Augustine, Raleigh St. Augustine. . . Turf's Up Sod & Contracting uses only the finest quality sod grass from specialty grass farmers. Our high quality sod is a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass or fescue and we use only the finest top soils, to insure that your new lawn is rich and healthy.

St. Augustine. Tifway 419 Bermuda. Tif-Tuf Bermuda. Centipede. Zenith Zoysia. Tifgrand Bermuda. View All Types. There's a reason why Palmetto St. Augustine is by far the most sought after patented turfgrass in the world. Aside from the unique color, it also offers a fine texture that's incomparable to other varieties Several Medallion varieties available Sod Selection Guide. See descriptions and photos of the different grass varieties and our newest sod products. Don't let grass selection scare you... Do it yourself installation St Augustine; Fescue Maintenance Tips. St. Augustine is well suited to Southern California's varied soils and climate. It is most often used where there is insufficient sunlight for other varieties. 1″ high, mowed weekly. Moderate-to-rapid thatch build-up in full sun; minimal thatch in shade. Requires de-thatching every one to two years depending on amount of sun We have two varieties of St. Augustine, two varieties of Bermuda grass and three Zoysia grass varieties available for sale. Every one of these grass sod varieties has been chosen because they do well in Houston's climate and soils

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  1. The most drought resistant sod available. Once established, Fescue is proven to require less water due to its ability to grow an extensive, deep root system tapping into deeper water sources. The addition of newer Fescue and Texas Hybrid varieties in our blend means that 90/10 Fescue has the ability to spread and fill in, and repair.
  2. St. Augustine is a medium to high maintenance grass, which requires moderate water and fertilizer. It is also a one of the most shade tolerant grasses available in our region. St. Augustine grass provides a lush green lawn, until frost and is recommended for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10
  3. St. Augustine Varieties. The Grass Outlet is a family owned and ran sod provider that grows its grass on its Texas coastal farms. We've been doing this for years. Order in advance, and have your grass available for pick up at our partner location with The Grass Outlet at 10624 Fm 620, Austin TX 78726. During season, TWS also offers.

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  1. Several types of St. Augustine are available for lawns, but one of the most popular is 'Floratam' (Stenotaphrum secundatum 'Floratam'). Since its introduction by the University of Florida and Texas A & M University in 1973, this variety has become one of the most produced and prevalent St. Augustine grasses used in warm-season lawns
  2. Oasis Sod farms grow and sell high quality sod for home owners, athletic fields, commercial sites and more. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you 1-877-Grow Sod (476-9763) . locations delivering to Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana. and Arkansas. Licensed sod grower of six varieties of Zoysia, Bermuda, St Augustine, and Centipede
  3. King Ranch Turfgrass utilizes over 13,000 gross acres of land to farm our grasses. This allows us to not only facilitate large commercial orders, but we have the space available to grow a wide variety of grasses. In an effort to provide some of the best Texas sod grass, we carry the following types: Bermuda. Zoysia

St. Augustine. Location. Non-Stocked Item. Special Order Only. This item is not stocked nearby. If you need this item now, you can Check In Stock items at Other Stores in your expanded area, or contact your branch at 425-644-5577 to place a special order. Your Price With a medium-leaf texture and strong growth pattern, St. Augustine sod creates a thick, rich and vibrant lawn. (NOTE: St. Augustine is not sold between mid-November to mid-April due to is dormancy) St. Augustine sod is best known for being a warm-season grass, meaning that it's easy to maintain, even in the harsh heat of the summertime Fertilization Requirements of St. Augustine Sod. Indeed, fertilizing established St. Augustine yard is essential to get the nutrients it needs. Further, if your soil is slightly acidic, be sure to apply a fertilizer with iron and other micronutrients. St Augustine sod needs approximately 4 to 5 lbs. nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. per year St. Augustine grass is one of the most popular lawn grasses Gulf states, thanks to its tolerance of heat and humidity.Its blue-green blades form a dense turf that establishes quickly and easily. St. Augustine Characteristics and Traits St. Augustine grass is coarse-textured with a very thick grass blade that rounds at the top and becomes more compacted towards the soil If you are looking for the best sod for sale in Orlando, look no further than Sod Depot. We have Bahia, Zoysia, and St. Augustine sod is available for pick up or delivery. Call 407-875-1900 we will find the perfect sod for your project and budget. Search

Sod Types. To best serve our valued clientele throughout Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas, we happily sell and supply a wealth of sod types and sod species; including Bermuda sod, Zoysia sod, St. Augustine Raleigh sod, and even Tiff 419 sod ProVista is a revolutionary new sod that produces lush, dark green grass that is highly weed-resistant and low maintenance. ProVista is the result of 20 years and $100 million of research. Scotts, the brand most famously known for Miracle-Gro, developed this variety of St. Augustine grass with low maintenance and affordability in mind Find 1 listings related to St Augustine Sod in Athens on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for St Augustine Sod locations in Athens, TX

CitraBlue St. Augustine is exclusively licensed to TPF by Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc., a direct support organization of the University of Florida. CitraBlue is marketed by Sod Solutions, Inc. and has become commercially available as of late 2019 with more widespread availability in the spring of 2020 St. Augustine grass varieties do not produce a harvest-able seed. St. Augustine varieties are available in sod, sprigs or plugs only. Due to high maintenance cost and increase water restrictions many home owners are converting their St. Augustine lawns to more drought tolerant lower maintenance lawn grass varieties such as Argentine Bahiagrass, Zoysia, Centipede and Premium Bermuda grass.

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Brandon Sod prides itself in making your new sod last longer. We accomplish this by providing the finest quality sod available, a knowledgeable staff of professionals, excellent installation and prompt service. We look forward to serving your residential or commercial sodding needs St. Augustine sod forms a thick, lush lawn, and grows well in moderate shade. St. Augustine grass is a wide blade grass with dark green color. One of the most shade tolerant grasses available in our region

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Providing the highest quality sod for the South Louisiana Region. Centipede, St. Augustine, Empire Zoysia, and Bermuda. Local and long distance delivery available. Place pallets conveniently for installation. We can also install or help you find someone to do your installation The easy-to-maintain CitraBlue St. Augustine grass has been commercially available since 2019, but this year it ought to see more widespread availability. CitraBlue is available as sod and plugs. For more information, including how to purchase, install, or maintain this grass, contact Sod Solutions by clicking here Everglades offers sod such as Floratam St. Augustine sod for residential projects and our popular Argentine Bahia sod for commercial and farming projects. Argentine Bahia offers a crisp look to any highway median or large pasture. Bahia is medium green in color and is drought tolerant. The best time to establish this grass is spring to early.

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Palmetto St. Augustine is making quite a name for itself in the Atlanta area. The Atlanta market sold out of St. Augustine in early 2015 but fresh supplies should be available by summer of 2016. Buy Sod Onlin St. Augustine grass is readily established from sod since the species is vigorous and spreads rapidly by creeping stolons. Sod plugs or stolons planted on 1 to 2 foot spacings can be expected to cover in one growing season. In commercial St. Augustine grass production 300 to 500 square yards (bushels) of sod are planted per acre ‼️We have St. Augustine sod available TODAY!‼️ 5 pallets $177.99 each Come pick yours up today! 409-386-0204 OPEN TODAY 8:00AM-5:30PM OPEN SATURDAY 8:00AM-5:30P St Augustine is a vegetative grass that is only available for sale as sod or as plugs; you cannot purchase St Augustine seed. The roots of St. Augustine grass run deep although it is not as old as the United States city that bears its name. St. Augustine has been planted in Florida since the 1890's and in California since 1920

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Woerner's Classic St. Augustine. Woerner's Classic St. Augustine is a true Southern Style grass with wide blades and a beautiful green color, is more cold tolerant than other varieties of St. Augustine, and it performs well in shade. Simply put, Woerner's Classic is the best variety of St. Augustine on the market Floratam St. Augustine. FLORATAM St. Augustine is the most widely produced and purchased turfgrass in Florida and is very popular in the entire Gulf region. First released by the University of Florida and Texas A&M in 1973, this blue-green St. Augustine grass has withstood the test of time Sod plugs are a simple way to repair damaged areas of a warm-season lawn or to establish a lawn when sod is not available or practical. Learn More CitraBlue™ St. Augustine 419 Tifway Bermuda. Raleigh St. Augustine. All Zoysias. Palmetto St. Augustine. But turfgrass can be the perfect solution for the difficult soil environment of the Austin area. The grass arrives with a layer of our coastal soil, which provides the perfect setting for your sod to take root and thrive in its new home

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St. Augustine Grass: This type grows quickly and likes sandy soil. It has a high traffic tolerance, making it a great option for busy yards. Zoysia Grass: Zoysia works best for yards that drain well and can handle high foot traffic — so bring on those outdoor activities. Cool-Season Grasses St Augustine Sod ( good trees to plant near house Stenotaphrum Secundatum) Treeline Houston provides best top quality St Augustine grass type grass to residential residence users and professional organizations inside of the Springtime, The Woodlands and the surrounding Houston Colorado place Palmetto St. Augustine is the most sold patented variety of turf across the globe. St. Augustine has the best shade tolerance of all southern turfgrasses. Palmetto is also known for its superior cold, frost, heat and drought tolerance over all other St. Augustine varieties Palmetto St. Augustine grass is known for being extremely resistant to shade, frost, heat, cold and drought. It has a thick blade and creates a lush-looking lawn when properly maintained. Palmetto can be prone to fungus and it is highly recommended to apply fungicides to your Palmetto lawn at the proper times of year

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Bitterblue St. Augustine is an improved variety selected in the 1930s. Bitterblue has a finer, denser texture and darker blue-green color than common St. Augustine grass . It has improved cold tolerance and good shade tolerance but is not resistant to chinch bugs or gray leaf spot disease California Sod Center has a fully stocked store, is open to the public, and has sod available for pick-up and delivery seven days a week. Visit California Sod Center for more info. Phone. +1.855.363.1010. Fax. 909.786.4920. Accounting. +1.844.400.8460. Email Our Quality St. Augustine sod is a warm-season St. Augustine sod. This specific type of sod is designed to thrive in the hot and dry climate of Southern California. It does really well in the coastal areas because of its tolerance to salt. With a medium-leaf texture and tight growth pattern, St. Augustine sod creates a thick, rich and vibrant lawn

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Contact info. Call 1-888-NEW-GRASS (1-888-639-4727) for details about where to buy the King Ranch Turfgrass varieties that are best suited to your specific applications, or fill out the form. Our staff is ready to assist you with all of your turfgrass needs Your perfect lawn is just a few clicks away! Green Acres Turf Farm, LLC specializes in producing & delivering premium warm season turf grasses used in home, commercial landscapes, golf courses & sports fields. Simple, convenient, 24/7 online ordering. BUY GRASS ONLINE TODAY St. Augustine Grass Sod Mississippi Sod has grass, sod, and turf available for delivery throughout Mississippi and the surrounding areas. Grass, Sod, and Turf Available for Delivery. CALL TO ORDER. GET A PRICE QUOTE. Grass Sod Delivery. Wiggins, MS 39577. Facebook-f St Augustine sod is $170 a pallet pick up only. Pick available at either location 3636 Phoenix Ave Jacksonville, FL 32206 or 11436 Philips Hwy Jacksonville, FL 32256 if you have any questions please call 904-353-500

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St. Augustine Bitter Blue Sod Grass. Bitter Blue has a coarse texture yet is finer than Floratam. It has a bluer green color than common St. Augustine grasses and is an improved variety of St. Augustine for cold and shade tolerant areas. Bitterblue can produce a beautiful lawn under proper management practices and pest control St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, Zoysia grass, and Bermuda grass sod. Fast sod delivery throughout Mississippi. Get your turf grass delivered in Gulfport, Biloxi, Picayune, Jackson, Hattisburg, Meridian, Bay St. Louis, Natchez, South Mississippi and parts of Louisiana. W e can also help you with delivery or sod installation services The four most common species of grass used for sod are zoysia, Bermuda, St. Augustine and fescue. There are many other types of sod available, depending on your area. Pallet Prices for Sod by Type; Type Price Range; Zoysia: $180 - $270: Bermuda: $160 - $385: St. Augustine: $160 - $340: Fescue We Sell Sod by the Pallet (400 Square Foot) or By the Piece. Delivery Available Minimum Delivery is 1 Pallet. Bahia (450 sq foot) Uses Commercial, Home, Parks. Color Green Feel Soft. Drought Tolerant St Augustine Classic (Shade) Emerald Green Color Soft Feel. Good Fall Color Retention

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A 16-4-8 should be used as a summer fertilizer and 5-10-15 with spring and fall fertilization. St. Augustine Grass requires more care; two applications a year are needed. Zoysia is a lower maintenance grass so you may fertilize it once or twice a year. You must be careful not to over fertilize, this may cause damage to your sod Advantages & Disadvantages of St. Augustine Grass. St. Augustine grass provides a lush green lawn and is recommended for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. This. Centipede, fescue and St. Augustine are grasses that are more susceptible to disease issues in warm, wet environments. We recommend that these grasses be treated with fungicide when installed during times of disease development. Please consult with one of our experts to help select the best product available to address the needs of your new lawn Explore the different sod types that are available in Florida. Call Palm City Sod in Palm City, FL at 772-287-5944. Explore the different sod types that are available in Florida. Call Palm City Sod in Palm City, FL at 772-287-5944. Floratam is a type of St. Augustine grass that grows well in sunny climates and warm temperatures. It grows. St Augustine also has poor drought tolerance and will not always hold its color without irrigation. Raleigh grass is a cold-hardy cultivar released by North Carolina State University in 1980. It is often described as highly tolerant of shade, drought, and cold Quality Sod and Superior Service at a Competitive Price. We are open. Call 281-431-7441 — Click to Download Our Houston Grass Tip Sheet. Click for Our Hours and Directions to Our Office. Home. Directions & Hours. Varieties. Why Pick Raleigh St. Augustine Grass. Why Pick Palmetto St. Augustine Grass