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The graduate group in ecology is an interdisciplinary graduate program that offers students a combination of both basic and applied ecology. Students gain advanced knowledge within one of the following organized areas of emphasis: agricultural ecology, conservation ecology, ecological genomics and genetics, ecosystems and landscape ecology, ecotoxicology, environmental policy and human ecology. Last Name: First Name: Area of Emphasis: Email: Accepting New Students? Anderson: Todd: JDPE SDSU: tanderson@sdsu.edu Arnold: Gwen: Environmental Policy and Human Ecology The Ecology Graduate Student Association (EGSA) is the student-run body of the UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE), one of the largest and most prestigious ecology graduate programs in the world. EGSA serves to support our students and represent them in the GGE, UC Davis, and beyond The graduate group in geography is the only graduate program at UC Davis that offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees with a specific concentration and curriculum in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design (LAED). Landscape architecture faculty at UC Davis are members, advisers, and/or major professors in all four graduate groups The Graduate Group in Ecology aims to streamline applications for GGE Fellowships, Jastro Research Awards, and nominations for University Fellowships. Because due dates vary among programs, applications may be requested at different times. The UC Davis Graduate Studies Fellowship application is due on January 15. It requires the following

The Graduate Group Concept More than half of the UC Davis graduate programs are organized as interdisciplinary graduate groups, giving you freedom to explore your interests across disciplines, engage in various areas of research, and reach new heights of knowledge. Graduate groups combine the talents and skills of faculty and students from a broad range of research areas whic The Graduate Group in Soils and Biogeochemistry, hosted in the Land, Air and Water Resources Department, offers programs of study and research leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Soils and Biogeochemistry focuses on the study of physical, chemical and biological processes in the diverse soils of a variety of landforms and ecosystems Thomas Tomich. Advisor: General. Environmental Science & Policy. 09/01/2020 to 08/31/2022. (530) 752-3915 | tptomich@ucdavis.edu A Collaborative Approach Ranked among the top graduate schools for biological sciences, the eight graduate programs in biology-related disciplines at UC Davis are managed by interdisciplinary graduate groups through the College of Biological Sciences. These advanced programs will prepare you for a successful career in life sciences research. Learn more by reading the overview and visiting the. Population Biology Graduate Group 2320 Storer Hall University of California Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 (530) 752-1274. Program Chair Brian Moore 5330 Storer Hall University of California Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 (530) 752-7104 brianmoore@ucdavis.edu. Graduate Group Coordinator Sherri Mann 2320C Storer Hal

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College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences 150 Mrak Hall One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616⎹ 530-752-010 Research excellence is a priority for EVE faculty members, but a deep commitment to quality teaching and mentorship is an equally important hallmark of our group. EVE faculty members advise graduate students in several nationally prominent graduate programs, direct the undergraduate curriculum in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity (EEB), and. Introduction The Transportation Technology and Policy (TTP) Graduate Group, hosted by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, offers M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs that prepare students to play decisive roles in creating a sustainable and equitable transportation future. Our interdisciplinary approach transcends the boundaries of traditional engineering-based studies and draws on.

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Ecology Graduate Group. Environmental Science and Policy. Entomology. University of California Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 (530) 752-7104 brianmoore@ucdavis.edu. Graduate Group Coordinator Sherri Mann 2320C Storer Hall University of California Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 (530) 752-127 Professor; Animal Behavior Graduate Group Chair. Department of Evolution and Ecology, College of Biological Sciences. Center for Population Biology. 530-754-8310. gpatricelli@ucdavis.edu. Lab website Department of Evolution and Ecology, College of Biological Sciences. Center for Population Biology. 530-752-2176. 530-752-2225. amshapiro@ucdavis.edu. Lab website. View Listing. 6347 Storer Hall. Office Hours Kyle Phillips. I am a PhD student in the Graduate Group in Ecology at UC Davis. My background is in conservation biology and Entomology. My current research focuses on the role of diked managed wetlands (eg duck clubs) in supporting aquatic foodwebs in Suisun Marsh CA. Like much of the San Francisco Estuary, Suisun Marsh has been heavily. Faculty members associated with the LA+ED GAC are primarily based in the Landscape Architecture Program and are also members of the Geography Graduate Group (GGG), the Community Development Graduate Group (CDGG), the Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE) and other graduate groups at UC Davis


The Ecology Graduate Group at UCDavis, according to the US News and World Report's 2007 graduate program rankings, is 1st in the nation in ecology/evolutionary biology! The UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE) is a diverse and dynamic group of ~200 students and 125 faculty from 24 different departments/ units on campus The UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology requires two courses in quantitative methods. On these pages you will find descriptions of courses that could fulfill this requirement, as well student comments on the courses. Please add your own constructive comments and fix or let us know about outdated information Graduate programs Community Development The Community Development Graduate Group at UC Davis offers a flexible, multi-disciplinary, two-year Master of Science degree in Community Development. The graduate group consists of 41 faculty from 18 different units on campus, all with shared interests in the well-being of people within many different types of communities in the United States and.

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The JDPE is a doctoral degree that is run jointly by the Ecology Program at San Diego State University and the Ecology Graduate Group at UC Davis. The joint nature of the doctoral program offers two primary advantages. First, students benefit from contact and expertise in and outside of the classroom with faculty members of two strong ecology programs Avian Sciences Graduate Group, 1249 Meyer Hall, One Shields Ave, Davis CA 95616-5270 | 530-752-238 Evolution and Ecology 2320 Storer Hall | University of California, Davis | One Shields Avenue | Davis, CA 95616. Phone: (530) 752-1272 | Fax: (530) 752- 144

Professor and Chemist. Unit. Food Science and Technology. (530) 752-0976. Fax: (530) 752-4759. dbarile@ucdavis.edu. View Listing. 3164 Robert Mondavi Institute - North. Discovery of bioactive components in foods and food processing streams through advanced analytical mass spectrometry Graduate Group Membership: Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program Ecology Graduate Group International Agricultural Development. Courses: ESM 121 : Water Science and Management (3 Units, Spring) HYD 243 : Water Resources Planning and Management (3 Units, Spring To meet the challenge, a new generation of highly qualified, thoughtful and dedicated leaders is needed. The Transportation Technology and Policy (TTP) Graduate Group, hosted by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, offers M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs that prepare students to play decisive roles in creating a sustainable transportation future Students gain advanced knowledge of population growth; structure and dynamics; population interactions; community ecology; food webs; biogeography; behavioral and physiological ecology; life history strategies; systematics; evolution; population and quantitative genetics; and genomics. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professiona

The Yang Lab at UC Davis. Timing is everything. Scroll down to content. What we do. We study how species interactions change over time. We apply a diversity of approaches and perspectives to a diversity of systems and questions. We do experimental community ecology. Ecology Graduate Group, Ph.D. 201 Gina Tarbill is a Ph.D. student in the Ecology graduate group at UC Davis and an ORISE research fellow with the US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. Gina received her M.S. in Biology at Sacramento State University in 2010 and her B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California in Santa Cruz in 2002 Ph.D. Botany - University of California Davis. Graduate Group Membership: Atmospheric Science Graduate Group Ecology Graduate Group Geography Graduate Group Hydrologic Science Graduate Group Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group. Courses: ECL 201 : Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology (4 Units, Spring Quarter

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  1. Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology 1088 Academic Surge 455 Crocker Lane Davis, CA 95616 530-752-6586 More contact inf
  2. The UC Davis Malcolm North Lab is an interdisciplanary group consisting of undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. All members share an interest in the ecology of forests in western North America but specialties cover a broad range of topics and use an equally broad suite of methods including common stand exams.
  3. UC Davis Graduate Studies Supporting Your Success, From Start to Finish UC Davis Graduate Studies supports graduate students with academic advisement from faculty and staff advisors as well as financial support through fellowships, student employment, supplemental tuition programs and more
  4. R. Holland Cheng. Professor. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Sciences. Research Interests: Proteome imaging of macromolecular systems - PIOMS. 530-9888 659. rhch@ucdavis.edu. Lab website. 007 Briggs Hall, Davis campus
  5. UC Davis graduate programs in ecology and evolutionary biology are the best in the nation, according to the latest rankings by U.S. News & World Report magazine. Graduate programs that contain ecology and evolutionary biology are spread among several UC Davis groups, but are the principal domain of the Graduate Group in Ecology and the Population Biology Graduate Group

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Human Development Graduate Group. Our unique Human Development Graduate Group (HDGG), with faculty members from many UC Davis departments, facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to graduate training in Human Development We are an interdisciplinary graduate group drawing together faculty and research from two colleges and three schools. Founded in 2002, the Graduate Group in Biostatistics is housed in the Department of Statistics, and consists of 34 faculty members from the following departments across campus: Statistics, Public Health Sciences, Population Health and Reproduction, Evolution and Ecology. Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Director of UC Davis MIND Institute and Tsakopoulos-Vismara Endowed Chair. Read the full profile at the UC Davis MIND Institute. (916) 703-0234. Send message Graduate Group in Immunology. 1026 VM Admin Building, One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 USA Phone: (530) 754-0103 ggi@ucdavis.edu. Office of Graduate Studies. 250 Mrak Hall One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 Tel: (530) 752-0650 Websit After a cluster of wildfires burned many UC Natural Reserves this August, Andrew helped organize post-fire sampling of flora and fauna at several reserves across northern CA. Thanks to Derek Young and Clancy McConnell for strong assists on the field work. Nina Venuti, working with Derek and Andrew, developed a monitoring plan for the post-fire.

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Population Biology Graduate Group Admissions The UC Davis Population Biology graduate application cycle for admissions and fellowships for the 2020-2021 academic year is closed as applications were due December 1, 2020. Please visit the UC Davis Graduate Studies website for graduate admissions information Viticulture and Enology. 530-752-2048. mkbartlett@ucdavis.edu. Website. 2140 Robert Mondavi Institute- North. Bio. Dr. Megan Bartlett received her undergraduate degree in Organismal and Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University in 2009. She completed a PhD in 2016 with Dr. Lawren Sack in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at. The Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group was established in Fall 1991 to provide a comprehensive, unified hydrologic sciences curriculum with a new multidisciplinary emphasis that takes advantage of the broad range of expertise in water-related disciplines at UC Davis. As set forth in the degree requirements, the resulting degrees (i.e., PhD. Mickey completed his PhD in Ecology in the Todd Lab at UC Davis in 2019. He studied how climate change, water use, and droughts shape the ecology of the freshwater Western Pond Turtle, a sensitive status species and the only freshwater turtle native to California. Climate change, water use, and drought are some of the greatest challenges facing. Ecology Graduate Group. Member, EGG admissions application review committee, 2017-. UCD College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Chair, CA&ES Faculty Executive Committee, 2018-2019; Chair, CA&ES Rules and Jurisdiction Committee, 2018-2019; Member, CA&ES Dean's council, 2018-2019; UC Davis University-wide. Member, UCD Executive.

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  1. Dr. Brian D. Todd. UC Davis One Shields Avenue 1077 Academic Surge Davis, CA 95616. btodd@ucdavis.edu. phone: 530-752-1140 fax: 530-752-415
  2. Academic Programs. Human Development & Family Studies. Community and Regional Development. Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design. Landscape Architecture Major. Sustainable Environmental Design Major. New Student Orientation
  3. Richards, James H. Professor of Plant Nutritional Ecology and Plant Nutritional Ecologist. Email: jhrichards@ucdavis.edu. Office: 2226 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building. Phone: 303-513-7526. Fax: 530-752-1552. Interests
  4. We also conduct research on the ecology of aging in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. This research involves a demographic approach to aging, including investigating the natural ecology of the nematode, and how its life history features are reflective of its ecology. Graduate Group Affiliations: Ecology, Plant Protection & Pest Managemen
  5. The Graduate Group in Ecology at UC Davis, is perhaps the number 1 program in the World! Ecology and Evolution at The University of Chicago Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University Graduate Program in Ecology at Duke Major Requirements Preparatory Subject Matter Requirements. Course IDs Course Titl
  6. Emphasizing collaboration, the program is an interdisciplinary graduate group that draws its faculty from diverse fields of education, humanities, social science, physical and biological sciences, mathematics, and medicine, and engages with key campus centers and programs, such as the M.I.N.D. Institute and the Poverty Center
  7. UC Davis Library 100 NW Quad University of California, Davis Davis, CA 95616 (530) 752-8792 library@ucdavis.ed

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Major Requirements. EEB major requirements are designed to ensure that students have a broad and balanced exposure to basic principles in the biological sciences. The program of study begins with a core of introductory courses in biology, mathematics and physical sciences. This is followed by basic courses in evolution, ecology and biodiversity The Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry graduate group focuses on the effects (dispersal, breakdown and persistence) of chemicals on the environment, while the Pharmacology and Toxicology graduate group is centered around human health effects of chemical exposure. Our department works closely with the Forensic Science Graduate Program. Chair, Energy Graduate Group. Life cycle assessment; renewable energy; transportation energy. 530-752-5722. amkendall@ucdavis.edu. Alissa Kendall is a Professor in the UC Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chair of the UC Davis Energy Graduate Group University of California Davis, CA 95616 I am a member of the Graduate Group in Ecology and the Center for Population Biology at UC Davis. More details on graduate student research. KLEE false color image. Satellite view of the KLEE exclosure plots in Laikipia, Kenya, where we have been excluding various combinations of cattle, wildlife. Animal Biology Graduate Group Coordinator Avian Sciences Graduate Group Coordinator 1249 Meyer Hall, UC Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 530-752-2382 Animal Biology Graduate Group: abggc@ucdavis.edu Avian Sciences Graduate Group: aviansciences@ucdavis.ed

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Atmospheric Science Graduate Group. Previous Education: B.S. Environmental Sciences, University of Padova, Italy M.S. Environmental Sciences, University of Padova, Italy Ph.D., University of Padova, Italy Current Research: I am a visiting scholar from DAFNAE, University of Padova (Italy), where I am currently involved in a PhD program. My interest is focused on canopy-atmosphere exchange. I am currently accepting graduate students through the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics, the Ecology Graduate Group , and the Population Biology Graduate Group. Please contact me if interested. I serve on the editorial boards of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B , Ecology/Ecological Monographs , Journal of Mathematical Biology. About the Program The Davis campus has a distinguished history of teaching and research in the life sciences including animal behavior. The Animal Behavior Graduate Group is an interdepartmental program in which faculty members from several departments, schools, and colleges participate. Members of the Group employ a wide range of animal species in their research as well as a diversity of. Ph.D. Requirements Summary: There are 26 units required. At least 16 of the 26 units completed for the degree must be taken in graded courses offered at the 200 course level. (Courses in the 300 and 400 series may be accepted if they have been approved for graduate credit.) Graduate students must register for a minimum 12 units per quarter to maintain full-time status Evolution and Ecology Undergraduate and Graduate Courses This is a list of all Evolution and Ecology undergraduate and graduate level courses. Course offerings are subject to change. Contact EEB Undergraduate Advisors Joyce Fernandez or Sophisty Ney if you have any questions on undergraduate coursework. UNDERGRADUATE COURSES: EVE/ENT 2: Biodiversity (3

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  1. ar and dissertationAND for winning the 2021 Merton Love Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Ecology and Evolution at UC Davis! The Merton Love Award is given to the student with the most outstanding PhD dissertation in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Davis each year
  2. HDE 200A. Early Development (4) - Jay Belsky Fall 2021 Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: graduate standing; basic biology or physiology; one upper division course in psychology or a related field; one upper division or graduate course in developmental psychology (may be taken concurrently). Theory and research on the biological, social, cognitive, and cultural aspects of.
  3. Faculty in psychology have affiliations with a number of exciting campus institutes and interdepartmental programs, including the California Regional Primate Research Center, UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute, Animal Behavior Graduate Group, Ecology Graduate Group, UC Davis Humanities Institute, Women's Studies, Child and Human Development Graduate.
  4. Current research projects include a population genetic analysis of North American subspecies of merlin, demographic monitoring of great gray owls using passive genetic techniques, and acoustic monitoring of California clapper rails. 916-414-6742. jmhull@ucdavis.edu. Faculty Web Page. 2131A Meyer Hall
  5. Area of Research Dr. Anthony's research focuses on zoonotic and emerging infectious diseases, and specifically on the discovery, ecology, and evolution of viruses. He is interested in the factors that increase the risk of disease emergence in new hosts, including host or viral traits, and in the eco-evolutionary mechanisms that shape patterns of variation across scales

Our students emerge with a solid biological foundation on which they superimpose training in the ecology and management of wildlife and fish in natural as well as human-altered environments. They are established and emerging leaders in wildlife and fish biology, ecology, conservation, and management, with jobs as private consultants, agency. The UC Davis College of Biological Sciences explores life to advance knowledge and meet the scientific challenges of the 21st century University of California, Davis. One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616-5270. Development and Alumni Relations. 530-754-4438 [email protected

BMCDB Graduate Group. Resources. Research Facilities. Graduate students at UC Davis are very fortunate to have access to numerous specialized laboratories, research units, and high technology research facilities. For a complete listing of facilities available at, or associated with UC Davis, link to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research The UC Davis Graduate Group in Geography (GGG) has about 70 graduate students almost 80 faculty members, drawn from 24 departments. In terms of the number and diversity of affiliated faculty, we are the nation's largest geography graduate program, and the group supports a wide range of geographic scholarship. See our website for more details

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  1. g is everything. Posted on June 14, 2021 by Louie. Ecology Graduate Group, Ph.D. 2017 Seek out people who inspire you and challenge you to be a better scientist. Meredith L. Cenzer Entomology Graduate Group, Ph.D. 201
  2. istrative assistant to coordinate HBCU activities at UC Davis over four years
  3. Mickie joined the CLUE Lab and the Graduate Group in Ecology in 2020 and is excited to study urban ecology in her hometown of Sacramento. Before joining the lab, she earned a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Santa Cruz in 2013, where she developed an interest in botany and ecological restoration
  4. With the need for mass COVID-19 testing on campus, UC Davis offers a course in which students can work at the testing kiosks and learn more about the various aspects of the virus. The two-credit course, titled Mass Testing for COVID-19, or EVE 198, is managed by David Coil and led by Professor Jonathan Eisen in the evolution and ecology.
  5. Graduate Education COVID-19 Updates - Research Continuity and Planning . As the COVID-19 outbreak expands and the impact evolves, the Office of Research is working closely with the UC Davis leadership team, the University of California Office of the President and colleagues from other UC campuses to establish guidance specific to research operations

Diversity Resources Population Biology Diversity Committee This committee was formed by graduate students in the Population Biology Graduate Group to increase and support student diversity. Follow the link to read more about the committee's initiatives and to find resources for prospective and current graduate students. College of Biological Sciences - Diversity, Equity and Inclusio Real-world experiences Undergraduate research is a cornerstone of the UC Davis student experience, and with biology faculty researchers across each of the four undergraduate colleges, there are plenty of opportunities to access hands-on learning positions in the lab or field. The topics below will explain what undergraduate research is all about, and will provide the step-by-step knowledge.

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  1. UC Davis is a thriving University unique in its extensive access to expertise and data assets ranging from its health system (with 2.5 million patients), to its expansive environmental, ecology, biology and agriculture programs
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