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Discworld Characters. Who's Who? From the Witches and Rincewind to Death himself, Terry Pratchett's Discworld characters have become truly iconic over the past thirty years. This handy guide will introduce you to key lead characters in the Discworld series, and tell you which books are about them Alphabetical list of characters in the works of Terry Pratchett. There are over 1100 individuals listed on this site. For more complete lists, please also follow links to Discworld characters, Category:Characters by book etc.. When including characters, please also add them to a relevant category, or create one for the book if necessary (should only be needed for non-Discworld books) This article contains brief biographies for characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. This list consists of human characters. For biographies of noted members of the Discworld's ethnic minorities (dwarfs, trolls, undead (Discworld), etc.), see the specific articles for those races.Some character biographies are also listed in articles relating to the organisations they belong to List of Discworld characters: lt;p|>||||| | |This article is about the novels. For the Discworld itself, see |Discworld (world... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the. The Discworld has Loads and Loads of Characters, so here they will be grouped roughly by series most of which have their own character pages.Characters that mainly appear in only one book will be grouped at One Book Wonders, with a complete lack of alphabetical order. Once more for old times' sake..

The Discworld books can be split up into several mini-series, based on the main characters: The Rincewind books (featuring Rincewind and The Luggage.) The Witches books (featuring Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg et al). The Death books (featuring Death and Susan Sto Helit, often against the Auditors) Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook (with The Discworld Emporium) The Art of The Discworld (with Paul Kidby) The Pratchett Portfolio (with Paul Kidby) The Josh Kirby Poster Book (with Josh Kirby Discworld Miniatures. A finely detailed character bust of everyone's favourite cowardly 'Wizzard' from Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, based on the artwork of Paul Kidby & brought to you by miniature figurine specialists Micro Art Studio

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  1. List of Discworld locations. From Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Contents. 1 The Discworld. 1.1 Main continent; 1.2 Klatch (continent) 1.3 Counterweight Continent; 1.4 XXXX; 1.5 Sunken Continent of Ku; 1.6 Miscellaneous Islands; 2 Associated Dimensions; The Discworld Main continent
  2. Discworld is a comedic fantasy book series by Terry Pratchett. The novels are set on the Discworld, a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants which, in turn, stand on the back of a giant turtle, Great A'Tuin. The books frequently parody, or at least borrow ideas from, J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft and William Shakespeare, as well as mythology, folklore and.
  3. The Discworld is a series of 40 different novels published from 1983 up to 2013. The novels of this series are based on the comic fantasy genre and are written by English novelist Terry Pratchett. The series is set in a fictional world known as Discworld. The Discworld is a flat disc, which rests on the backs of 4 elephants
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There is a list of 1174 characters here . Which is alphabetical rather than chronological. You could cross-reference with a list of books, which you could get from many places. Who is depicted on this image showing major Discworld characters? 24. What does the city name Ankh-Morpork in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels mean? 12 The Discworld series is a rib-tickling fantasy book series authored by the critically acclaimed writer,Terry Pratchett. This book series is set in the fictional world of Discworld, a flat disc that balances on the backs of four elephants. The four elephants, in turn, balance on the back of a gigantic turtle Order of Discworld Books. Discworld is a universe and series of fantasy novels created by British author Terry Pratchett. The series has been adapted into many other different forms of media, including movies, television, video games, plays, radio and comic books. The Discworld universe is so huge that there are Discworld-themed conventions Feb 21, 2018 - Explore Rich Medley's board Discworld Characters on Pinterest. See more ideas about discworld characters, terry pratchett discworld, terry pratchett Complete* List of Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels March 13, 2015 March 13, 2015 - by JD Shipengrover - 13 Comments. In honor of Terry Pratchett, I want to share with everyone, one of my favorite places in all the worlds - Terry Pratchett's Discworld

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The Discworld books follow lots of different characters and storylines. Sometimes, the same main characters are used in several books to create a story arc: Rincewind. Rincewind was the first main character in Discworld books. He is a wizard who does not know any spells and tries to run away from everything Enter Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld. We have been supplying official, licenced Discworld merchandise featuring the artwork of Paul Kidby for over twenty years. Within these pages you will meet all your favourite characters from witches, wizards, watchmen and dragons, to trolls, the Nac Mac Feegles and of course, DEATH Terry Pratchett was born in 1948 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. He had his first story published when he was just thirteen, and after leaving school at seventeen to become a journalist he continued writing, publishing his first novel, The Carpet People, in 1971 and going on to produce the phenomenally successful Discworld series as well as numerous other books, winning many awards and. Lady Ramkin (later just Lady Sybil) is a duchess, one of the richest women in the city of Ankh-Morpork, and wife of Commander Samuel Vimes. A hobbyist breeder of swamp dragons. Sybil is rather quiet, a good listener, and leans toward understatement. But like most Discworld characters, she's tougher (and smarter) than she looks Update to the list of Discworld characters with confirmed physical features: Carrot's eyes are blue. to friends who don't go here: that's an achievement carrot is now actually in a whole category of his own given he has canon hair and eye colour and height and age discworld. 15 notes

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Discworld characters and places. 0 references. is a list of. Discworld character. 0 references. category related to list. Category:Discworld characters. 0 references . Sitelinks. Wikipedia (8 entries) edit Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Commission. Get paid for your art. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Poll. Ask the community. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all

Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for List of Discworld characters 0 found (2 total Troll Bridge (a cinematic DISCWORLD adaptation of the short story by Terry Pratchett.) While we are still waiting for the big movie adaptation of any of Terry's books we have been lucky to see several of Terry's books adapted for television . These include: Wyrd Sisters, Soul Music, Hogfather, The Colour of Magic, Going Postal, Truckers, Good.

Death from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Actually, there are many Discworld characters I would like to meet, but Death is definitely right up at the top! I would like to go to his realm (a place that I sadly didn't have room for on the other list), pat Binkie then sit down and have a long conversation with Death himself 21. Thief of Time. - A good book that should probably be higher up the list, but timey-wimey stuff makes it occasionally difficult to follow. - The History Monks are some of the most. There's a GURPS-based Discworld RPG. A couple editions, even. GURPS isn't my favorite, but you'd at least lose the stumbling block of needing to translate a lot of D&D content to better fit the Discworld philosophy. Making humor work in an RPG is hard, but I know the older Discworld RPG I have tries to help with this

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  1. Book 1-2. The First Discworld Novels: The Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic. by Terry Pratchett. 4.14 · 7,120 Ratings · 216 Reviews · published 1983 · 12 editions. Together in one volume, here are the first two Dis. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve The First Discworld Novels: The Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic
  2. Discworld MUD is a multiplayer, text-based online game based on the Discworld books as written by Terry Pratchett. On Discworld you will meet many of the characters from those books. Terry's books are humorous fantasy and the game retains the comical, fun feel of the books
  3. Discworld/Pratchett-related commercial web sites. For years Clarecraft produced handmade Discworld figurines. These were extremely popular and are still considered to be very accurate representations of the Discworld characters
  4. The Discworld gods are the fictional deities from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of fantasy novels. The Discworld, being a flat disc supported on the backs of four elephants on top of a giant flying turtle, exists in a region of the universe where reality is somewhat less consistent than it appears in our own, more mundane corner of existence
  5. 20. Feet of Clay. - Sir Terry was really getting into the swing of the Watch novels by this, the third one; all of the characters are distinctive and in possession of strong moral compasses that.

Discworld is a comic fantasy book series by English author Sir Terry Pratchett, [1] set on the Discworld, a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants which, in turn, stand on the back of a giant turtle, [2] Great A'Tuin.The books frequently parody, or at least take inspiration from, J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft and William Shakespeare, as well as mythology. Discworld is a free MUD set in the Discworld as depicted in the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett. It is based on the LPMud codebase. 1 History 2 Software 2.1 Interface 3 Player Interaction 3.1 Chat 3.2 RP & PvP 3.3 Player councils 4 Mechanics 4.1 Guilds 5 Canon and Divergence 6 Mentions in the Media 7 References 8 See also 9 External links The MUD was founded in 1991 and opened to. Collections of Discworld-related art have also been released in book form. The Pratchett Portfolio (1996) and The Art of Discworld(2004) are collections of paintings of major Discworld characters by Paul Kidby, with details added by Pratchett on the character's origins. In 2005, Pratchett's first book for very young children was Where's My Cow The 5 Smartest Characters in Discworld (So Far) Sourcery Discworld #5. By: Terry Pratchett. So we've come to book five of the Discworld read along and the war between Wizardry and Sourcery that threatens the very fate of Discworld itself

1 Basic Info 2 Map 3 List of Playable Nations 3.1 Unnamed Continent 3.2 Continent of Klatch 3.3 Counterweight Continent 3.4 XXXX 3.5 Miscellaneous Islands This Map Game is based on the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. There is magic. The best website to learn about the nations is Discworld Wiki Timeline If the nation isn't on the list it's an NPC until Vassalized then you can add it to the. Clarecraft Designs Ltd was a company which produced hand-painted resin collectible fantasy figurines including an officially licensed series of Fighting Fantasy based figurines in 1986, which it later re-released in 2004. Its most popular series was an officially licensed series of figurines based on the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. 1 Foundation 2 Fighting Fantasy 3 Discworld and.

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Even if Discworld is largely made up of multiple story arcs following various sets of characters, one of its best installments is a standalone novel. After writing more than 10 novels and proving. The Discworld series of books feature an array of interesting characters that are vehicles for a fantasy-shrouded satire of contemporary and historical human society. You'll encounter wizards, policemen, witches, golems, dwarves, werewolves, con men, assassins, and even Death himself (riding his horse Binky) as characters who occupy the. Order of Terry Pratchett Books. Terry Pratchett was an English author who is best known for his Discworld comic fantasy series. Terry Pratchett sadly passed away on March 12th, 2015. Pratchett battled Alzheimer's disease for years after announcing it online in 2007. He died after a chest infection, as well as complications from the Alzheimers And if you disagree with where someone is slotted on this list, say so. I love a good debate. Convince me and I'll move the character to a different slot. The list so far: Lawful Good Superman (The LG Poster-Boy) Yoda Mr. Spock Captain Jean-Luc Picard Obi Wan Kenobi Gandalf Sam Gamgee King Theoden of Rohan Cpt. Carrot Ironfounderson (Discworld Terry Pratchett. Sir Terence David John Pratchett (28 April 1948 - 12 March 2015), better known as Terry Pratchett, was an English author of fantasy novels, especially comical works. He is best known for his Discworld series of 41 novels. Pratchett's first novel, The Carpet People, was published in 1971

The eighth Discworld book and the first to feature the City Watch, one of the most popular of the major character groups/themes in Pratchett's creation, plus the first appearance of C.M.O.T. Dibbler, though as a one-note gag character.It is also notable in that it is the first of the Discworld books in which Patrician Vetinari is the Magnificent Bastard we all know and love 1 Novice's Nook 2 Advancing 3 Inhuming and the Chunin Test 4 Belts and Headbands 5 The Ru Noperi 6 Poisons So you have decided to become a Ninja. What's next? Hopefully this page will act as a good primer, but I can't stress enough how important it is you explore the guild and read the books in the library yourself. Editor's note: Some of this information should probably receive its own page. Compre online Discworld characters: Unseen University, Susan Sto Helit, Discworld gods, List of Discworld characters by region, Ankh-Morpork City Watch, de Source: Wikipedia na Amazon. Frete GRÁTIS em milhares de produtos com o Amazon Prime. Encontre diversos livros em Inglês e Outras Línguas com ótimos preços

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Discworld is a comedy fantasy series by Terry Pratchett, consisting of 41 books, and a 4-book spinoff series. Many parts of the Discworld series parody our own society. The series is set entirely on a world on the back of four elephants which stand on the back of a giant Turtle called The Great A'tuin. Different books follow different parts of. About the Signal. X-Clacks-Overhead is a non-standardised HTTP header based upon the fictional work of the late, great, Sir Terry Pratchett. In Terry Pratchett's science-fantasy Discworld series, The Clacks is a network infrastructure of Semaphore Towers, that operate in a similar fashion to telegraph - named Clacks because of the clicking sound the system makes as signals send Oct 30, 2017 - The latest Tweets from Discworld (@Discworld_com). The very latest Discworld news and events. Providers of official Discworld merchandise & the only suppliers of signature embossed products. Salisbury, Englan Terry Pratchett's 10 best Discworld characters By Tim Martin 6 November 2016 • 2:48pm Fantasy author Terry Pratchett (1948-2015) Credit : Geraint Lewis/EIBF/Re

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Dwarfs in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels are similar to the Dwarves of J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, to which they largely started out as a homage, and dwarves in other fantasy novels. They are short, stocky, bearded metal-workers, generally seen wearing chain mail and brandishing axes. However, they have many unique qualities. Dwarfs originate from the Ramtops and Überwald, but many. The Discworld mudlib is an LPC framework, or mudlib, originally written for the Discworld MUD.. It has been regarded as one of the more advanced mudlibs around: according to Lauren Burka's MUD timeline, written in 1995, the Discworld mudlib was only the second widely available mudlib.At the time of its release it had the most advanced command parser and user interface available in a mudlib Discworld FanFiction Archive; Discworld_Fanfiction at Yahoo! Groups; Discslash Disc Slash; archive link Description: This list is for the general writings, musings and messing about with any of the Discworld characters, intended for the fun of its members. This list is *slash* of both m/m and f/f so no children are allowed Discworld: Directed by Gregg Barnett. With Eric Idle, Tony Robinson, Kate Robbins, Jon Pertwee. Game based on Terry Pratchett's famous Discworld series. On a world that is being carried on four elephants standing on a huge turtle dark plots are brewing in the city of Ankh-Morpork

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  1. ding the owner of his daily appointments, breaks, so it starts reciting the schedule from an alternate universe where the characters made the wrong choices with awful results
  2. I watched the first episode months ago, and haven't bothered with the rest. Not just because it takes liberties with the source material, but because it is kind of bad too. In all fairness, none of the Pratchett adaptations have been great, most o..
  3. This list consists of human characters. Wikipedia. Susan Sto Helit. Fictional character in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of fantasy novels. Adoptive granddaughter of Death, the Disc's Grim Reaper, and has a number of his abilities

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  1. The World of Disenchantment is set in an alternate universe from our own, consisting of many different regions. It is a bounded world, meaning that it is flat and has an edge, somewhat like Discworld. 1 Locations Visited 1.1 Mainland 1.2 Islands 2 Locations Mentioned 2.1 Mainland 2.2 Islands 3..
  2. The vast majority of these are Fallout fanart, although several are from the Fallout 4+Discworld crossover series, Valentine & Vimes, so there are a couple of Discworld or Fallout+Discworld crossover pictures. A few images are gift art containing other people's original characters (usually various Sole Survivors)
  3. GURPS Discworld. This is a Powered by GURPS work. This is the 4th edition update to GURPS Diskworld (1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2015, 2017) and allows one to role-play in Terry Pratchett's famous setting . It replaces the 3rd edition and its supplement Discworld Also
  4. The following is a list of known bugs that occured in the original versions of Discworld 1 and 2 i.e. when using the original interpreter executable. Most of these are caused by bugs in the game script datafiles, so fixing them is non-trivial, but we try to implement fixes or workarounds where possible
  5. Terry Pratchett's 22nd Discworld novel, The Last Continent, is a lighthearted tour of the fantasy land of Fourecks, a very Australian sort of place, with brief courses in theoretical physics and evolution thrown in for good measure.Pratchett returns to his first Discworld protagonist, the inept and cowardly wizard Rincewind, who habitually runs into trouble as fast as he flees

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  1. Publication Order of Discworld Books. The Colour of Magic. (1983) Hardcover Paperback Kindle. The Light Fantastic. (1986) Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Equal Rites. (1987
  2. The cover contains the leading characters Rincewind the Wizzard and Twoflower (complete with Josh's literal translation of 'four eye's') riding atop the loveable luggage. 9. Small Gods: Small Gods is the thirteenth of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, published in 1992. It tells the origin of the god Om, and his relations with his.
  3. iatures of your favourite Discworld characters. Oh-so-tempting to collect the lot, and buy a huge display cabinet to show them all off! They are all supplied with sturdy round plastic bases and the cobblestones shown are available separately. Please note, these
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The Watch is an inclusive genre-bending series inspired by the legendary 'City Watch' subset of Sir Terry Pratchett's bestselling Discworld novels and its many iconic characters. The. Oct 26, 2012 - I told you the next post today was going to be good, didn't I? Welcome to the third installment of Writing by Quotes! When I was trying to decide which work of fantasy to focus on today, I considered Warcraft. I know it's fantasy, but I think it would be nice to focus onl The characters seem wildly different***, but the show purports itself to be 'based on the books'. Personally, I don't see it. Hence, 'in name only'. The general consensus is that it feels like an original work with original characters that just has the Discworld name and City Watch characters slapped on. Maybe that will change in time The Colour of Magic, comic fantasy novel written by English author Terry Pratchett and published in 1983. It was the first of more than 40 volumes in his wildly popular Discworld series of satirical fantasy novels set on a flat planet carried by four elephants standing on the back of a giant turtle Terry Pratchett's Discworld books about beleaguered honest cop Sam Vimes and his team are fan favorites, so BBC America's TV series The Watch attracted some excitement. But fans may balk at.

Games (expansions, promos, etc.) featuring the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett and any directly related characters, settings, sequels, or other materials; in theme or gameplay. Games inspired by other media (such as movies or TV series) based on these stories may be included here. Ankh-Morpork is the name of fictional city-state which is prominently featured in the books Discworld is a comic fantasy book series by British author Terry Pratchett set on the Discworld, a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants which are in turn standing on the back of a giant turtle, the Great A'Tuin.The stories are arranged in several different story arcs that are further explained in the Wikipedia article on the Discworld reading order The third (and final) Discworld graphic adventure is a marked departure from the first two.While those were at least partially based on elements of the novels, Discworld Noir is a completely original work, one which re-imagines the city of Ankh-Morpork as something out of a Raymond Chandler novel.The protagonist is a new character named Lewton, the city's first private investigator and. Airk's Discworld Pages (0) Red Hands (0) The Lucky Cat -- Assorted Info (0) The Ninja of Discworld Wiki (0) Vashti's Web: logs, quotes and tinyfugue macros (0) damaar's Discworld Portraits (0) The Adventurer's Guide to the Discworld MUD (0) Garrion's MUSHclient Plugins (0) The DWMUD Wiki and New Weapons Page (0) The Dragon's Nest (shop on. Unlike the previous Discworld games, Discworld Noir features totally new and original material, mixed in with themes and characters from the novels such as Commander Vimes and the City Watch

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The main characters of Eric: Discworld: The Unseen University Collection novel are Rincewind, The Luggage. The book has been awarded with Booker Prize, Edgar Awards and many others. One of the Best Works of Terry Pratchett. published in multiple languages including English, consists of 129 pages and is available in ebook format for offline reading Attack Potency: Low Complex Multiverse level (Azrael is a member of the Old High Ones, who control the absolute entirety of the Discworld multiverse on all possible levels. Created, and is stated to be capable of destroying, time on a Multiversal scale. He exists on the level of his Clock, which in turn exists on a higher ontological level than. You know a series is special when one of its fan-favorite characters is the literal grim reaper. While Death has his own series of Discworld novels, he pops up in the Watch books, too—because people have a habit of dying in Ankh-Morpork. While his part may be small, he makes an impression with every appearance dunes 1 In the canon:- 2 In the Pessimal Discworld 2.1 Appearance 2.2 Professional Qualifications 2.3 She appears in my stories Miss Smith-Rhodes appears once in the canon, in a list of Assassins' Guild School teachers linked to the school Houses for which they are Housemaster or Mistress. This was created for the Assassins' School Diary and Yearbook of some years ago. Therefore the only two.