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The reason shark divers from around the world come to Guadalupe Island is for the most prolific population of white sharks on the planet. Guadalupe also offers warm (65-75 degrees) and sky-blue waters with an incredible visibility, and a white shark diving experience that is legend. The island is located 150 miles off the west coast of Mexico's Baja California peninsula—about 250 miles. For just $500 down you could be on your way to cage diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island this year. We know you have a choice of liveaboard shark diving vessels for Guadalupe Island this year. Since 2000 we have watched the liveaboard shark fleet grow, and grow, and grow

Only Guadalupe Island allows non diving shark divers since you are on hookah in the great white's realm. Shark cage diving costs range from place to place, and are dependant on how many days you'll be at sea. Seal Island, South Africa $750 Per Diver (Half Day Guadalupe Island shark divers expect visibility ranging from 60 ft to 150 ft on bad days. Guadalupe Island shark cages are lowered off the boat's stern and shark divers drop in, breathing air through a hookah attached to the surface. We have been cage diving at Guadalupe Island since 2000 when we first discovered Guadalupe On Day 4 you depart Guadalupe Island shortly after lunch for San Diego. This is your last chance to say goodbye to your great white shark friends, and for your last cage diving moments at the island. Be sure to have your cameras ready as you pass the famous Shark Fin Rock on the way back. Adios Isla Guadalupe Guadalupe Island in Mexico is the top destination for great white shark encounters. Only Guadalupe Island can boast shark viewing in beautiful clear blue water with 100 - 150 foot visibility. We have identified 322 unique great white sharks in the bay where we stage our submersible shark cage diving operations 2021 Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island. Guadalupe Island in Mexico remains the top destination for great white shark encounters and has done since we first discovered white sharks here in 2000. For the past 21 years we have cage dived and identified over close to 400 great white sharks while conducting safe shark cage diving operations, guaranteeing unforgettable great white shark encounters

Guadalupe Island is the best Great White Shark cage diving on the planet, and the Nautilus Liveaboards dive boats are the best way to get there. Skip to the content. Important Note on New Park Fees in Mexico - 100% redeemable Socorro park fees Read more. Nautilus Liveaboards. Menu PRICE (USD) $2895 per person in a triple stateroom. $3195 per person in a twin stateroom. $3995 for one person in a private stateroom Islander Charters has been delivering world class Great White Shark cage diving since 2004. We offer 5 day all-inclusive trips to Guadalupe Island, Mexico - the mecca for Great White Sharks. We are a family-owned American company and every trip departs from/returns to San Diego, California. We are the most featured boat at Guadalupe Island on Shark Diving Xperts believe strongly in supporting shark conservation and research not just for great white sharks but all sharks worldwide. For the past 10 years, we have been leaders in scientific study and conservation efforts at Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island. Select 5 Sep 28, 2021 10:00 pm: Oct 3, 2021 7:00 pm: 16 $3,795 Only one space left! Single occupancy room. Great White Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island. Selec

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  1. There's usually one key reason for diving in Guadalupe - and that's to see the mighty great white sharks. A Guadalupe Island liveaboard is the only way you can get to dive this region of Mexico. The volcanic island of Guadalupe has some of the best shark cage diving in the world due to clear waters and consistent sightings. It's important to realize that there are no other dive sites as such.
  2. Great white shark diving season at Isla Guadalupe is mid-July through early November. Pricing varies by vessel and accommodations class, but starts at $3579.75 per person and includes onboard accommodations, meals, non-alcoholic beverages, multiple dive days with lots of cage time, Mexico's 16% VAT and $225 government permit fee
  3. Great White Sharks Starting at $3,295 per person Inclusive, 5-Day Packages Cage dive with the most feared yet misunderstood great white at the volcanic Guadalupe Island
  4. How much does it cost to dive at Isla Guadalupe? Prices range from $2934.75 -$4404.75, with tax. (Longer trips offered at higher pricing.) When is White Shark season at Isla Guadalupe
  5. Guadalupe Island, or Isla Guadalupe, is a volcanic island located off the west coast of Baja Califonia in Mexico, known to scuba divers to offer as the best destination for cage diving with great white sharks. Boasting great visibility this protected marine area outperforms both Australia and South Africa for shark sightings

Guadalupe Island is a tiny island off the west coast of Mexico which is still part of the Baja California state. This volcanic island only has a population of 213 people and measures 35km (21mi) by 9km (6mi), but it provides liveaboard divers with one of the best spots in the world to go cage diving with Great White sharks The unique volcanic island of Guadalupe and its dive sites normally have 30 metres visibility, often multiple sharks per dive and pristine conditions; it is nothing short of great white shark heaven!. Your adventure begins in San Diego, where you will be met late afternoon and transferred to Ensenada to board your liveaboard.Each day, cages will be deployed from the boat, and divers can enjoy.

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Safety briefing, diver orientation and Shark 101 class. We'll arrive at Guadalupe Island around dinner time. Day 3. Surface cages open to everyone at 6:30 am. Submersible cages open to certified divers at 8 am. Diving until dusk. Day 4. Surface cages open to everyone at 6:30 am. Submersible cages open to certified divers at 8:30 am. Guadalupe Island Liveaboard Dive Expedition The Best Great White Shark Diving on Earth! September 19-24, 2020 . We welcome you to join Jim Abernethy for the journey of a lifetime as we dive with great white sharks around the world-renowned Guadalupe Island San Diego based Shark Diver offers 'safe and sane' shark diving with great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, as well as bull sharks in Fiji and tiger sharks in the Bahamas. Our great white dives at Guadalupe are an amazing look inside the underwater world of these incredible, yet, misunderstood creatures. No diving certification necessary White Sharks Guadalupe Island Team up with MCSI to support white shark research and conservation efforts: Donate to MCSI in support of Northeastern Pacific white shark research and conservation efforts and receive the most recent edition of the Guadalupe Island, Mexico white shark photo-ID book. DIVE I Call 855-987-4275 or 619-887-4275 or email us at crew@sharkdiver.com. White Shark Cage Diving. When you think of ultimate white shark encounters, Mexico's Isla Guadalupe has established itself as the world's top white shark cage diving destination. Not too long ago, this pristine white shark site was relatively unknown

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  1. Shark Diver guarantees shark encounters. This is your year; the year you will finally meet the sharks of your dreams. Your next adventure starts with an email or phone call. So, if you're ready, let's go shark diving! More Info. Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Great Whites. Starting at $3295 per person
  2. Guadalupe Island Shark Diving When it comes to great white shark diving, Guadalupe Island has earned a reputation for offering some of the most exciting great white shark diving on the planty. This offshore diving destination is so remote and isolated it can only be visited by liveaboard diving boats during multi-day safaris
  3. g the success of a biological conservation project by Mexico and the US. July 1, 2021 Great white breaks into shark diving cag
  4. Cost. Like we said in the intro, cage diving can be a costly trip. The prices vary in high or low season. During high season, when there is much more white shark action around Cape Town, you'll pay $259 a person for a morning trip. During the low season the same trip is only $185 a person. It's important to know that low season also means.
  5. SD Shark Diving Expeditions is locally owned and we've been safely delivering world-class Great White Shark Dives at Guadalupe Island since 2001. We offer 5-6 day, white shark diving packages, We are proud to offer you a choice of three different White Shark diving vessels
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  7. g to Guadalupe Island every year for the past 11 years. Every year, it just gets better and better. Yesterday was one of the best days ever. Today there was a bit of a swell, the boat handled the swell very well. Very stable. We made 30 different deep cage drops. Divers saw Great White sharks on 29 of 30 drops

Shark diving in Guadalupe is the most exciting adventure for both certified and non-certified divers since you won't be using scuba tanks, instead, you will be breathing from surface supplied air. Guadalupe Island is located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 165 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico. Guadalupe Island has become the world's best location for diving with great white sharks Guadalupe Great White Sharks. Guadalupe Island (Mexico) is the top destination for great white shark encounters. This small volcanic island located in the Pacific 240 kilometers (150 miles) off the west coast of Mexico's Baja California peninsula outperforms both South Africa and Australia with shark-seeing consistency and watching conditions Isla Guadalupe or Guadalupe Island is an extinct shield volcanic island located about 181 nautical miles in the Pacific. But the best part of it all is that from August to December it is also home to the Great White shark and the perfect place for ticking shark cage diving off of the bucket list Dinner time arrival at Guadalupe Island with a nice relaxing evening at anchor. Activities: Safety Briefing Diver Orientation Shark 101 Cocktail hour at beautiful and peaceful anchorage . Day 3 . Cages open at 6:30 AM. First submersible dive at 8:00 AM. Dive until dusk! Activities: Our famous Mexican taco Fiesta on the upper deck Shark I

Best time for shark diving at Guadalupe Island. The season starts in July, when rowdy gangs of juvenile male sharks arrive. These younger, smaller sharks are known for high-speed passes and lure strikes at speeds of nearly 50 kilometres per hour. Younger sharks are also known to put on a show for lucky dive groups on the surface, splashing and. Our Bahamas shark adventures feature the use of a floating shark cage and surface-supplied air. Located just 53 miles east of Miami, Bimini is a tropical paradise and an ocean-lovers dream. Dive with sharks, then swim with wild dolphins, stingrays or loggerhead turtles Isla Guadalupe Great White Shark Dive Season is Late July - Early November Now Booking 2020 & 2021 Dives - A Deposit Holds Your Spot GENERAL INFO No Dive Experience Required for Floating Cages Dive Certification Necessary for Deep-Water Cages Prices range from $3039.75 - $4509.75, with tax* * Longer trips offered at higher pricing This White Shark Diving Guadalupe liveaboard safari with Vortex draws not only divers from all over the world, due to perfect conditions and very intense shark behavior. Many of them are professional photographers and videographers looking for amazing new views. Widely considered among, if not the, top location for great white cage diving, Guadalupe Island is part of Mexico and located in the. Shark diving / free diving in Cabo has become a popular activity among divers, photographers and ocean lovers from all around the world. Our Cabo Ocean Safari is an adventure of a lifetime in which our main objective is to have a close encounter with sharks. Depending on the time of the year, we may encounter mako, silky, hammerhead or blue sharks

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Guadalupe White Shark Research Trip 2021 Private productions available upon request- email OneOceanDiving@gmail.com to set up and discuss availability . Want to dive with Great white sharks? We are now offering a trip to Isla Guadalupe to cage dive with Great White sharks Guadalupe Diving Trip. Guadalupe Island has become one of the favorite dive spots in the world for great white shark diving. Located 165 miles west of Ensenada Mexico, Guadalupe is the best place for white shark encounters, this dive site is preferred by wildlife photographers and videographers from all around the world Accessible only by diving liveaboard, the remote volcanic island of Guadalupe is word famous for cage diving with great white sharks. Guadalupe Island liveaboards The island of Guadalupe is located around 250 miles (400 km) from the city of Ensenada on the west coast of Mexico Great White Shark cage diving, Guadalupe Island Mexico! Big thank you to GoPro who sent us along with Brooks Laich, Derek Hough, hosts Andy and Emma Casagran.. Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on February 15, 2021. The 2020 Guadalupe shark season was scheduled to be one of our biggest eversadly due to the worldwide pandemic, officials and operators were forced to close Guadalupe Island to shark diving. With a heavy heart, unfortunately we were then left with no choice but to cancel our season

1. Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Guadalupe is the premier destination for great white shark cage diving in crystal clear, warm, blue water. It is a tiny island off the west coast of Mexico and is part of a protected area. As such, chumming at Guadalupe is kept to a minimum, to protect the environment and the natural behaviour of the sharks The Guadalupe diving season is from August through October, when sea temperatures are 66 to 72°F (19-22°C) and visibility is good. Liveaboard Ports of Departure for Guadalupe and How to Get There. Guadalupe Island liveaboards depart in the evening from San Diego in the USA or in the morning from Ensenada, Mexico

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico GREAT WHITE SHARKS. Isla Guadalupe is, without doubt, the best place in the world to dive with great white sharks. Lying 150 miles off the Baja California Peninsula, this uninhabited volcanic island is only accessible via liveaboard, and a good number of boats offer cage diving experiences here Guadalupe Island should appear over the horizon in the early evening, and we will have a calm night in the protected anchorage to get a restful sleep before the next morning's excitement of diving with our sharky friends. Day 2 - Destination: Guadalupe Island View Safety Video the dive deck to ensure an excellent diving experience for our.

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This government action will prohibit us from running our 2021 schedule of shark trips. All the national parks in southern Baja Mexico are open and we are operating trips out of Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, and San Ignacio Lagoon. We are confident that Guadalupe will be open for our 2022 season The most exciting question of all! We can't wait to take you shark diving with great whites or bull sharks. Email us at crew@SharkDiver.com or visit our diving website to receive more information about our incredible adventure at Guadalupe Island, Mexico, and Fiji. www.SharkDiver.com It is with heavy hearts that we must say 'wait for us' to the great whites that swim at Guadalupe Island. The Mexican Government has decided to keep the island closed to any 2020 shark diving visitors. Mostly, we feel sad for our many divers who will not get the chance to experience this awesome adventure as planned this year Includes: 3 days of cage diving, diving air, weights, weight belts and all meals. Transfer from the host hotel, Hampton Inn in San Diego via private motor coach to vessel in Ensenada (included). Price is $3695 per person when booked before August 15. Does not include taxes of a fee of $28 USD if you are planning to be in Mexico for 7 days or more Orcas And Great White Sharks. ScubaFest Pricing $4,995. It doesn't get any better than this with airplane supported orcas and mobulas on a luxury expedition yacht in the Sea of Cortez and a famous Nautilus Liveaboards great white shark adventure to Guadalupe . This $8,000 package is on special at $4,995*. Even includes air, hotel and.

In the eastern Pacific Ocean, Guadalupe Island is a small volcanic island and one of the best places in the world for great white shark cage diving. This volcanic island is a biosphere reserve and there is minimal chumming allowed, ensuring the natural behaviors and environment of the sharks are preserved This diving boat is a luxury safari vessel specializing in pampering small groups of Scuba divers on unique diving adventures in Mexico.You can have incredible encounters with giant manta rays and humpback whales in Socorro Island or go cage diving with the great white sharks at Guadalupe Island.. You can check the availability, schedule and prices for this Boat here Fascinating underwater diving with Great white sharks off the island of Guadalupe in the Pacific ocean. diving with Great white sharks off the island of Guadalupe in the Pacific ocean. Mexico. 0:07. Fascinating underwater diving with Great white sharks off the island of Guadalupe in the Pacific ocean. White shark in Guadalupe island. 0.

Solmar V offers world-class large pelagic diving around Socorro and Guadalupe, with the largest dive deck and camera table of all boats operating in the area. Gorgeous, rich mahogany and brass interior with granite table tops, with free-flowing, ice-cold margaritas, beer and wine after diving and three-course lunches starting with home-made soup SOCORRO AGGRESSOR, the 5-star diving safari liveaboard, was built based on years of experience. The main aspects are comfort and safety. Thanks to the large spaces and the huge sun deck, the guests do not feel confined during the cruise. Our crew's hospitality and experience guarantee quality service. There are 13 staterooms available spread.

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Southern Sport : Amazing Diving. USA-built M/V Southern Sport is a sleek, fast and comfortable liveaboard ship for up to 18 divers. Featured in several movies and documentaries , it will take you to Amazing Diving in Socorro & Revillagigedo and the Guadalupe Island White Shark adventure. Nicely appointed accomodations and some of the best crew. Read reviews and view photos. Book a Shark Island tour! Full Refund Available up to 24 Hours Before Your Tour Date. Quick & Easy Purchase Proces Guadalupe Island MexicoOctober 11-16, 2022. $ 3695 + Plus Airfare (*Price listed based on Double Occupancy. Price varies based on room grade) Guadalupe Island (Mexico) is the top destination for great white shark encounters. This small volcanic island located in the Pacific 240 kilometers (150 miles) off the west coast of Mexico's Baja. The submersible cages provide a completely different perspective to the great white shark diving experience. All liveaboard trips to Guadalupe Island depart and return to Ensenada city in Mexico, just south of the California border on the Pacific coast. The best season to dive there if in the late summer from August through October, before the.

Dive with Great Whites in Guadalupe, Mexico Havana and the Gardens of the Queen Shark Diving, 10 days / 9 nights, 14 days / 13 nights Dive with the Great White Sharks of Farallon Islands Shark Diving - Malpelo, Columbia Great White Shark Cage Diving South Africa, Gansbaai Great White Shark Cage Diving South Africa, Seal Island - False Ba Shark Cage Diving - Guadalupe Island Trip Report 2. flights. vacations. hotels. cars. All Deals Compare Prices All items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time of publication. If. The price for this experience of a lifetime is $3300 and is all inclusive. On top of Peter's professional help and advise, you'll be pampered with sumptuous meals from chef Mark and the crew will do everything they can to spoil you on your 5 day expedition to Guadalupe Island.We even include a free GoPro rental and of course your own trip movie

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The M/V Solmar V liveaboard schedules year-round diving cruises in Mexico to the Socorro Islands and Guadalupe Island. Known for having some of the most experienced dive liveaboard crew in Mexico, the Solmar V caters for 22 guests in 12 cabins. Staterooms offer the choice of 2 designations; superior and standard, as well as single cabin options. Cage Dive with Tiger Sharks off Grand Bahama Island . Price includes expert cage dive instruction, meals and refreshments while aboard our boat. Call for availability 800-644-7382 If you'd like a private shark diving adventure for your family, friends or corporate group let us know. We can bring our shark team to your boat PLANET SHARK DIVERS is a haven for shark lovers everywhere, with helpful information, beautiful photography and videography, diving opportunities, articles, interviews, and so much more.. Our goal is to encourage the respect and appreciation of sharks; assisting the global conservation effort in any way we can. It is now or never to ensure the survival of sharks This country has several reefs. At Guadalupe Island, where you can dive with great white sharks and at Isla Holbox to find whale sharks. In the waters that surround this 43 kilometre-long island, live other species of large size, like groupers, bonito and snapper, and less stress for the diver Good for Adrenaline Seekers. Budget-friendly. 83 places sorted by traveler favorites. Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity. Clear all filters. 1. Swim Lessons Hawaii. 2. Scuba & Snorkelling • Shark Diving

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  1. The temperature averages 65 to 70 ° F. It is simply Shark Diver Heaven! The island lies some 160 miles off the coast off Baja California and over 200 miles southwest of San Diego in open ocean water that has over 100 feet of visibility. The Guadalupe season is from July through November
  2. g near the enclosures. The circling sharks are attracted by bait, usually tuna, dangled from a line
  3. Discovery has once again chosen Islander Charters 5-day all-inclusive great white shark cage dive trip to Guadalupe Island for their Shark Week Sweepstakes Grand Prize! Plus $10,000 and a year's supply of Devour Frozen Foods! FUN, YUM & CHA-CHING!! Open to US residents only, be sure to enter here. Contest runs 6/1/21 through 8/2/21
  4. Liveaboard diving to The Guadalupe Island, a rocky volcanic island of only 25 km. long and 10 km. wide, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 265 km. to the Southwest of Ensenada, in the Baja California region of Mexico.The island has a population of just over 200 people, including farmers, fishermen and Navy personnel, but its population of more than 10,000 fur seals of Guadalupe.
  5. After retiring from cycling I started a dive school and worked as a Divemaster on a dive boat that was doing trips to Guadalupe Island. While diving and spear fishing there, we discovered the Great White Sharks that seasonally frequent the island. In 2001 Shark Diver started cage diving with these sharks and I was responsible for the diver's.
  6. Unfortunately shark diving San Diego day trips are not available, as the shark diving trips to Guadalupe are mostly trips of 5 days 4 nights. The shark diving liveaboards usually depart in the evening and arrive the next day in the afternoon. This is because Guadalupe Island is about 400km (260 miles) from the mainland
  7. 25 years of experience, custom built vessel for divers. Dive with the friendliest giant mantas in the world at Socorro Island, or dive with great white sharks of Guadalupe Island. Your Adventure starts here

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The shark diving industry blog covering sharks, shark cage diving, shark conservation and things we find amusing since 2008 www.sharkdiver.com, www.sharkdivers.com, www.divingwithsharks.com With a $625,000 asking price, the question is, where would you put it? Special Great White Shark Expedition to Guadalupe Island. 6 days ago. Join America's Shark Boat MV Horizon, Guadalupe Islands original shark boat for a once in a lifetime shark cage diving liveaboard in Mexico. The M/V Horizon liveaboard has been offering Guadalupe shark diving since 2000. With an emphasis on safety, cage diving with America's Shark Boat is suitable for everyone, regardless of experience So I recommend if you want to see females, don't go anytime before the last weekend in October. We did 3 days of cage diving. The first day we saw almost 12 sharks!!! At one point there was 4 or 5 just swimming around. The next two days were pretty calm but we still saw about 4 or 5 sharks Operating out of San Diego, MV Islander liveaboard focuses exclusively on Mexico's Guadalupe Island during Great White Shark season, running cage diving trips of 5 days / 5 nights duration. The Islander diving boat, was designed and built specifically to carry passengers comfortably off the Southern California and Baja coast

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The shark cage diving operators promoted by Dive The World have strong ties to conservation initiatives. MV Sea Escape and MV Southern Sport operating in Mexico (Socorro and Guadalupe Island) are partnered with Fins Attached , and our Australia operator, Rodney Fox who operates the Princess II, established the Fox Shark Research Foundation in 2001 Great white breaks into shark diving cage. Diving with sharks is a popular attraction at Guadalupe Island, a small volcanic island located 240 kilometers off the west coast of the Baja.

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Flying Great White Sharks - One Day Tour. AIRJAWS Shark Breaching Trip. For more information. Contact: Dive Discovery. @. 1 800 886-7321. (415) 444-5100. or The island has been a seal sanctuary since 1975 and is a designated biosphere reserve. Dive Site Descriptions. There are no dive sites at Guadalupe to speak of. Cages are lowered into the water at different spots around the island where the operator thinks the best shark encounters are likely to be after assessing the conditions of the day

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Cage diving is the only safe way to photograph and interact with the great white shark . Isla Guadalupe: Great White Sharks. This isolated oceanic island lies 160 miles west of the Pacific side of northern Baja's Pacific coast. Guadalupe is arguably the best place in the world to photograph great white sharks. It's blue (30-100 feet-plus. The Caño Island Diving Season. Costa Rica is located between 8-12 degrees north of the Equator and has a tropical climate year round. The liveaboard diving season at El Caño Island is relatively short, lasting only 6 months (from January through June) each year. This occurs during the 'summer' period which is considered to be more dry. The huge dive deck located at the back of the main deck has ample storage with personal lockers for each diver, together with a large camera table and charging points. On Guadalupe itineraries, there is 1 surface shark cage and 2 submersibles to get you up close and personal to the great white sharks. All certified divers will have the. Join 26 of your fellow shark enthusiasts on the Socorro Aggressor Live Aboard This 4-night. charter will allow guests to rotate in and out of the shark cages throughout the day. Guadalupe is the #1 destination in the world for great white sharks and those that love them. Whatever it takes, find your way onto this boat. You will not regret it.